Maintaining continuous feedback from students and social stakeholders is one of the key elements of quality assurance, in accordance with the Procedure for Stakeholder Feedback Management at KK the institution conducts periodic surveys of students, employees, graduates and employers.

Students can express their opinion about the quality of the course (module) and its teaching by logging into the study management system and evaluating the study conditions, the benefits of professional practice, and the quality of the study programme by participating in periodically organised targeted surveys.

The opinions of graduates and employers are important in assessing the professional readiness of KK graduates and in planning directions for the improvement of the study programmes.

The summarised results of student, alumni and employer surveys are published on the websites of KK and the KK faculties.

Based on the feedback results, further planning and improvement of KK activities (studies, applied research, material base, etc.) are planned. Regular information is provided on what has been done in response to the surveys’ observations and on aspects to be improved.