Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution provides an important information about health care services in Lithuania and available coverage related to the students’ health insurance.

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In order to get any medical treatment or consultation students need to book an appointment first. You can do that by calling the selected Health Care Institution (HCI) or going directly to it. Phone numbers of Lithuanian HCI in Kaunas for registration purposes are provided bellow. For scheduled medical treatment you will have to consult with a general practitioner first.

Please be aware that during the visit at the clinic you have to present your Health Insurance document together with an identification card or passport. Note! Student ID card is not acceptable.

In case of an emergency situation you can go directly to the hospital or call the ambulance. Emergency number in Lithuania is 112.

Bellow you can find the list of Health Care Institutions that provide consultations in English:

Type of HCI Name of HCI Address Contact No.
State owned Kauno miesto poliklinikos Dainavos padalinys Pramonės pr. 31, Kaunas 51270 +370 37 403 900
Private Antėja Birželio 23-iosios g. 4 +370 700 55511

You may find the full list of all Health Care Institutions (HCI) HERE.

The doctor has the right to charge your visit if you do not have EHIC. Make sure you get a medical extract or doctor’s explanation form (list of the health care services received) in such case.

EHIC will not help you with rescue and repatriation – if you need free transport back home after falling seriously ill or after having an accident while visiting another EU country, you will need a separate insurance cover.

If you need to be reimbursed, present the paid bills or documents proving the payment together with doctor’s explanation form to your health insurance institution when you return home.

Remember: only the costs of necessary medical care are reimbursed at your home country in case you have to pay for the treatment.

EHIC holders are eligible to be reimbursed for the costs of subsidized medicines prescribed for out-patient treatment purposes. There are 4 reimbursement levels for medicines: 100%, 90%, 80% and 50% of reference price. Subsidized medicines can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. A person must show his EHIC and the identity document in the pharmacy.

Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution does not provide health insurance, so students from non-EU/EFTA countries are required to get private Health Insurance from their countries prior coming to Lithuania.

Note! Students have to pay for all health care services by themselves. Insurance company reimburses the expenses under the receipt received for medical treatment afterwards.

Health Insurance is one of the obligatory requirements for all international students at Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (KK) that must be organized by the student before the arrival (KUAS does not provide the Health Insurance for the students).

There are two types of the Health Insurance recognized in Lithuanian Health Care Institutions:

European Health Insurance Card (available for citizens of EU / EFTA countries)

Private Health Insurance

Requirements for Private Health Insurance:

must be valid throughout the entire study period

must be valid in Schengen area / worldwide

must cover all expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgency medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during the stay

the minimum coverage of the private health insurance must be not less than 30.000,00 EUR

the coverage must be indicated in EUR or USD

the documents must be in English language

Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution provides free psychological help for students who experience difficulties related to studies or personal life. Every student is welcome to consult when feeling down, anxious, lonely, sad, or hopeless, when affected by personal problems at work, relationship, loss of a family member, eating disorders, alcohol, drug abuse, etc.

Additionally, psychological counseling is available not only for personal issues and issues related to psychological health, but also for study matters, for instance, when encountering difficulties in communication with others or overall decision making, or when facing difficulties in time planning, effective learning, lack of motivation or issues with public speaking.

We kindly invite students of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution to take the opportunity and enroll in free psychological counseling.

Psychologists provide free advice to the student through the most convenient channel for them, in Lithuanian, English and Russian.

For remote consultation, you can email marina.guptor@go.kauko.lt. The consultation takes place between 8 a.m. and 20 p.m., at a in advance by email agreed time.

For live or remote consultation, you can email austeja.makulaviciene@go.kauko.lt. The consultation takes place between 8 a.m. and 17 p.m., at a in advance by email agreed time.