Study administration unit conducts consultations about admission to Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution. Individuals wishing personal advice or meeting must contact the admission coordinator.

Study administration unit will provide information about:

  • General and specific information about admission;
  • Minimum requirements for entrants;
  • Advise on how to choose the right study programme.

Study administration unit contacts:

Pramones pr. 22A, room 104, Kaunas
Phone:  +370 67 93 5419

Integration into studies:
Introductory meetings are organised for first-year students, during which students are introduced to the legal documents regulating the study process, structure of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution and faculties, procedure for the organisation of studies and examination sessions, study schedule, internal rules, regulations for awarding scholarships, library work and access to its services, the structure, scope, system of assessment of study plans and learning achievements, compulsory and optional subjects, access to loans and social scholarships.

During the first meeting, the lecturer(s) of the subject/module introduces students/listeners to:

  • the purpose and contents of the study subject/module;
  • expected results of the study subject/module;
  • a cumulative grading system;
  • evaluation criteria, etc.;
  • recalls the importance of academic integrity;
  • informs about the consequences of plagiarism or disregarding academic integrity.

The lecturer(s) of the subject/module also advises on the issues of the taught subject/module, preparing for the session, final exams, final and other written works. Consultations are carried out according to a set schedule or individually depending on students’ needs. Consultations can take place face-to-face or remotely using a virtual environment and/or e-mail.

Academic group tutor (a lecturer)

  •  advises students, provides initial information about studies and the study programme;
  •  assists in solving students’ questions and problems of the supervised academic group;
  •  initiates meetings of the academic group as required.

Internship Supervisor consults students/listeners on:

  • issues regarding internships and helps to resolve them,
  • and at the end of the internship evaluates it.

Thesis Advisor consults students on:

  • a thesis proposal,
  • thesis improvements,
  • in consultation with the head of the department/ head of the academy/ head of the centre, offers the student counsellors if needed.

International Coordinator:

  • advises students on mobility opportunities to specific partner institutions according to the study program;
  • helps to solve organisational and administrative issues of mobility implementation;
  • organises and coordinates the selection of faculty mobility participants;
  • ensures the integration of foreign students at the faculty and organises their admission.

Head of Studies advises students/listeners on:

  • issues of study organisation and implementation;
  • issues of payments for studies;

In the Library and Centre of Scientific Communication students may

  • borrow books home;
  • study and read publications;
  • use computers and special computer programs for studies, connect to the wireless Internet;
  • use self-service book borrowing and return machines;
  • use rooms for self-study and teamwork;
  • use devices and software for students with hearing or visual disabilities;
  • participate in the courses and training sessions organised by the Library on the search and selection of information sources, the use of sources in study papers, on plagiarism prevention, copyright, etc.

The Library provides interactive services such as:

  • access to subscribed databases and other resources;
  • one-stop-shop search of resources in individual databases and in the virtual library;
  • login to personal accounts;
  • reminders by e-mail;
  • order books and extend the book return time online;
  • help on the Library website and YouTube videos;
  • news and relevant issues on Facebook and Instagram;
  • remote training sessions and consultations;
  • answers to individual questions by e-mail.

Pramones Av. 22A, Kaunas (Study Centre, 2nd floor)

E-mail address:
Telephone: +370 377 51132


  • provides individual consultations on career planning/management, entrepreneurship, continuity of studies;
  • organises trainings and seminars on general competencies and career planning matters;
  • helps to get acquainted with future employers at the annual Career Days event.

The date and time of the consultation are set individually. Students are kindly requested to register for the meeting via the contacts provided.

Pramones Av. 22A, 104–105 room (Study Centre, 1st floor)

Kaunas, LT-50468
E-mail address: 
Telephone: +370 373 21111
Mobile phone: +370 679 35459

Specialists of Study Administration Unit and International Relations Unit :

  • Provide assistance related to a visa or temporary residence permit in Lithuania (provides mediation documents to the Migration Department);
  • mediate in obtaining an international student certificate – ISIC;
  • mediate in opening a bank account in Lithuania;
  • mediate and assist in case of any health issues;
  • provide information regarding university email and login details;
  • advise on questions related to studies or internships abroad.

International Coordinators of KK Faculties:

  • assist with issues regarding integration, schedules, etc.;
  • advise and mediate in processing documents at the Dean’s Office or obtaining study certificates;
  • provide information on Moodle and Study Management System;
  • advise on matters of abroad studies or internships.

Students – mentors:

  • assist with issues regarding dormitories, leisure time, etc.;
  • organise cultural and other events;
  • escort students to other institutions, such as banks, hospitals, etc., if necessary.

Centre of Languages offers:

  • the following language course as optional study subjects: German (A1, A2), French (A1, A2), Russian (A1, A2, B1), Spanish (A1, A2), Italian (A1, A2), Polish (A1), Estonian (A1), Norwegian (A1, A2), Swedish (A1), Finnish (A1), Turkish (A1), Arabic for beginners, Japanese for beginners, Chinese for beginners, Lithuanian Sign Language (for student with hearing);
  • consultations for outgoing “Erasmus+” students on how to join the OLS (Online Linguistic Support) system, take OLS Test, etc.;
  • Lithuanian language courses for foreign students.

Centre of Languages services:

  • English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish language course at various levels;
  • Business English courses;
  • Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT).

Centre of Languages contacts:
Pramones Av. 22, 4-28 rooms

E-mail address:


Full-time student are able to get incentive scholarships for outstanding results of studies and/or scientific activities. Students may qualify for one-off scholarships for objective reasons.

Scholarships are paid to foreign students participating in international exchange programmes and undergoing short-term studies and/or internships abroad.

Study opportunities:

  • In order to be able to attend lectures on a free schedule or to study individually, in order to be granted a study break or academic leave or an early or postponed examination session the student must submit an application to the Dean of the Faculty (for more details see “The study Procedure of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution”;
  • In order to adapt certain study conditions to their individual needs, the student may submit an application together with supporting  documents proving the disability and/or learning difficulties and/or information about individual needs related to the study process to the Student Support Coordinator (for more details  (for more details see “The Description of the Procedure for Individualisation of the Study Process of Students /  Unclassified Students with Disabilities  and / or Learning Difficulties of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution”).

Library services:

  • visually and hearing-impaired students can use special equipment and software;
  • students with mobility impairments can access the required floors of the library by an elevator installed in the Study Centre;
  • books can be pre-ordered online, returned through a self-service machine or handed over to a librarian;
  • the library has a workplace with a height-adjustable table and an ergonomic chair.


Jūratė Daubarienė
International Student Accommodation coordinator
Telephone + 370 37 75 11 23

Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution provides accommodation services to students/listeners in four dormitories:

Dormitory No. 1
Taikos Av. 121, Kaunas
Tel.: +370 373 52468
E-mail address:

Dormitory No. 2
V. Krėvės Av. 92, Kaunas
Telephone: +370 373 11981
E-mail address:

Dormitory No. 3
V. Krėvės Av. 90, Kaunas
Telephone: +370 374 55689
E-mail address:

Dormitory No. 4
Kalniečių St. 126, Kaunas
Telephone: +370 377 30766
E-mail address:

KK HEI organizes sports events, competitions, various workouts, and leisure activities.

Students may choose from these sports:

  • volleyball;
  • football;
  • table tennis;
  • athletics;
  • basketball;
  • weightlifting;
  • group sessions (Body design, Ball training, Interval training, Cross training).

Students may participate in such activities at KUAS:

  • the joint KK and Gruodis Conservatory choir;
  • Folk Dance Group “KauKas”.

Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution provides free psychological help for students who experience difficulties related to studies or personal life. Every student is welcome to consult when feeling down, anxious, lonely, sad, or hopeless, when affected by personal problems at work, relationship, loss of a family member, eating disorders, alcohol, drug abuse, etc.

Additionally, psychological counseling is available not only for personal issues and issues related to psychological health, but also for study matters, for instance, when encountering difficulties in communication with others or overall decision making, or when facing difficulties in time planning, effective learning, lack of motivation or issues with public speaking.

We kindly invite students of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution to take the opportunity and enroll in free psychological counseling.

Psychologists provide free advice to the student through the most convenient channel for them, in Lithuanian, English and Russian.

For remote consultation, you can email The consultation takes place between 8 a.m. and 20 p.m., at a in advance by email agreed time.

For live or remote consultation, you can email The consultation takes place between 8 a.m. and 17 p.m., at a in advance by email agreed time.

Specialists of the KUAS Advertising and Media Centre advise on:

  • choosing the right printing method;
  • the selection and application of materials;
  • matters related to publishing;
  • matters related to press and post-press processes.

KUAS Advertising and Media Centre provides the following paid services:

  • layout and design;
  • publication services;
  • digital printing (printing, copying, scanning) on various types and thicknesses of paper;
  • wide-format printing;
  • sublimation printing;
  • lamination;
  • cutting;
  • stapling;
  • the cutting technique used in the production of boxes, packaging, labels, charms);
  • plottering (cutting adhesive films);
  • heating of thermal films on a textile product;
  • laser engraving;
  • paperback binding;
  • production of stapled, spiral-bound brochures;
  • production of business cards, postcards, calendars.

Advertising and Media Centre contacts:
Pramones Av. 20, 1-97/1-96 rooms

Telephones: +370 377 51130, +370 372 81278
E-mail address:

For further information, please