The Council of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences is an institution of public care and control. The powers and authority of the Council are defined by the law on Science and Studies. According to the law on Higher Education, the Council shall consist of not less than nine and not more than 21 members serving terms of four years.The Council is formed according to the following principle: one third of the members are appointed by the Academic Board, another third of the members (non-Kolegija employees), representing locally governed or state-run institutions of education, culture, art and economy, are appointed by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, and the remaining third of the Board members are appointed by common agreement of the Kolegija Director and the Minister.The Council/Board must include the Kolegija director and at least one student representing the Students’ Association. According to the Law on Higher Education and Studies and on the Statutes of Kauno kolegija, the Council evaluates how the institution of higher education institution performs its tasks and it contributes to the national, economic, social and cultural development; it considers the Kolegija Director’s reports, the accounts of annual revenues and expenditures, with reports on their accomplishment; it controls the use of property and funds received from the state and other sources and it discusses other issues.

The Academic Board (AB) is the highest body of academic self-governance. It is formed in accordance with the Statutes serving terms not exceeding five years.The members of the Academic Board are the professors and students of Kauno Kolegija, as well as representatives of other institutions of education and science. At least 10 per-cent of the Academic Board members must be students. These student representatives are delegated by the Students‘ Association.

The Students’ Association of Kauno kolegija (KK SA) represents the community of all students of the Kolegija.This is an association of friendly, creative, inventive and enthusiastic students. The main purpose of the Association is representation of students’ interests and mediation between teachers and students. The Students’ Association is young and ambitious students, therefore the activities of KK SA are continually renewed by involvement of new members. Naturally, the Students’ Association confronts with challenges and obstacles, but the members take delight in overcoming difficulties and sharing their achievements. The Students’ Association represents the interests of the Kolegija students in the best possible ways and promotes the positive image and traditions of the Kolegija both within the institution and externally.

Structure of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences