According to the data of national ranking, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences takes the leading position among the state institutions of the same profile and stands the second in the overall ranking. Kaunas University of Applied Sciences is among the state leaders regarding the students and provided studies, academic personnel, as well as employer evaluation. […]

                                                                                      Faculty of Technologies begins an international project “Enhancing capacity of universities to […]

At the end of March, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences began to organize its study process remotely. Sudden changes in the whole Educational institution – a challenge for students, as well as lecturers. Although not easy, the start was successful – systems, chosen by Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, guaranteed a good technical quality of […]

            On April 7-8, 2020, representatives from Faculty of Technologies at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, participated in the 3rd virtual partner meeting of the project E-DESIGN: European Digital Education for Social Inclusion and Global Neighbourhood (project No. 604451-EPP-1-2018-1-DE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN), carried out under Erasmus+ programme. The purpose of the project E-DESIGN is to contribute to […]

Restrictions within the Dormitories

ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING THE RESTRICTIONS IN THE DORMITORIES OF KAUNO KOLEGIJA Following Order No. 1-105 of the Director of Kauno kolegija dated 19 March 2020, “Regarding the order of organising the services of accommodation in the dormitories of Kauno kolegija” and ensuring the prevention of the coronavirus COVID-19, during the quarantine period from 16 March to [...]