New Semester – New Exchange Students

The 2nd of September was not only the beginning of the new academic year; for the foreign students of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences it as well marked the start of a remarkable period in Lithuania. This semester, over 50 students from higher education institutions from Belgium, China, France, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Latvia, […]

Currently Faculty of Technologies is hosting dr. Georgios Ouzounis. Georgios is a computer vision/machine learning engineer specializing in advanced, high performance image/video/data analytics, processing and feature extraction algorithms, cloud processing and distributed systems. Fields of his expertise include artificial, convolutional and recurrent neural networks for 2D/3D deep learning, self-organizing maps and auto-encoders. He has doctorate […]

Ecology of people‘s minds, bodies, nature, city – this was the message that the participants of the “Gossips 2019” sent to the audience expressively and responsibly. Beginning creators from five countries (Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Turkey and Lithuania) presented eighteen collections. According to Greta Rakšytė, one of the authors of joint collection “Secundus Gradus”, the […]

Each year the Quality Management Office of KAUNO KOLEGIJA evaluates the students‘ feedback, their needs and suggestions. This year, the results of the survey are very satisfying – students feel positive about study areas and offer ways to improve the situation. The aims of surveys carried out during the winter and spring of 2019: to […]

Intensive course Healing gardens 2019 started in Laane-Viru College (Estonia). Students and teachers from Kauno kolegija (Lithuania), Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and Laane-Viru College (Estonia) gathered together to discuss about application of Green Care concept in work with elderlies. Green care is the use of agricultural farms and the biotic and abiotic elements […]

Rarely do we find time to relax, listen to music or just simply spend some quality time for ourselves while having busy work schedules. On 28th of March, however, students of Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences along with participants from Latvija, Poland and Spain participated in the international student massage championship and helped […]