From 15 September 2023 until now, a blended intensive programme (BIP) has been implemented to strengthen mental health literacy in higher education institutions. This programme was attended by lecturers (Dr Daiva Bartušienė, Gerda Bukauskaitė-Žiūkienė, Alina Liepinaitienė) and students (Emilija Kuzminskaitė and Viktorija Grigaitė (Midwifery), Aistė Salemonaitė, Karolina Deimantavičiūtė, Ieva Maksvytytė and Ieva Ravinskaitė (General Practice Nursing) of the Nursing Department of the Faculty of Medicine.

Lectures and seminars for students were held remotely, the characteristics of mental and emotional health, opportunities for strengthening and support, resistance to burnout and ways to reduce stress were presented. The BIP ended with a physical week in the city of Aveiro (Portugal), during which students and lecturers from Lithuania, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Portugal had the opportunity to try various therapies that improve mental health: acupuncture, karate, psychodrama, hippotherapy (therapy with horses), mindful awareness.

Lecturer A. Liepinaitienė introduced and allowed the programme participants to try acupuncture for stress relief. Each participant had the opportunity to try not only traditional acupuncture but also sujok and magnetic acupuncture. Dr D. Bartušienė together with foreign colleagues participated in a roundtable discussion about the possibilities of mental health support in various European Union countries.

The week ended with international student group projects where they presented mental health promotion plans for higher education institutions in Europe.

During the lecturers’ meeting, the possibilities and development of BIP were discussed and it is hoped that more and more students will have the opportunity to get involved and deepen their knowledge on mental health promotion issues.

BIPs create a favourable environment not only to improve internationalisation activities by engaging students, but these activities are useful in personal lives when the knowledge gained during internships can be used in practice.