The new Labour Council of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, consisting of 11 members, has been elected for a 3-year term. The list of the Labour Council members is here.

The function of the Labour Council is to represent the employees in making decisions related to labour relations for the employer and to promote dialogue between the employer and the employees of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences on professional, labour, economic and social issues. For more information on the activities of the Labour Council, click here.

We kindly remind you that the Labour Council has the right to:

  • participate in information, consultation and other procedures that involve employees and their representatives in the employer’s decision-making;
  • receive information from the employer to perform functions;
  • make proposals to the employer on economic, social and labour issues relevant to the employees;
  • initiate a collective labour dispute if the employer fails to comply with labour law requirements and agreements;
  • if necessary, convene a general meeting (conference) of the employer or employees to discuss important economic, social, or labour issues.

Please note that issues to be considered may also be included on the agenda of a Labour Council meeting on the staff’s proposal. From now on, employees can submit applications in a simplified electronic way. Application reference here.

General Labour Council meetings dates: June 28, 2021; September 23, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact Labour Council by email: