Taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country and to reduce the likelihood of the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the community of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, this year the annual “White Angel” charity fair will not be organized, but we invite you to contribute and support by participating in the lottery.

By participating in the lottery of the charity campaign “White Angel”, you can win artworks and other souvenirs of artists working at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences.

You can contribute to the charity campaign’s “White Angel” lottery and purchase tickets by making a transfer to the bank account LT517300010076812274.
Recipient: Kaunas University of Applied Sciences Staff Trade Union
Purpose of payment must be indicated: charity
Price of one lottery ticket – 1 EUR

Lottery organizers will contact you within a week of the transfer to hand over your tickets or organize a remote ticket haul.

Lottery tickets can also be purchased in departments, distributed by:

    • Loreta Valatkevičienė – Faculty of Medicine;
    • Alma Bartusevičienė – Faculty of Business;
    • Sigrida Eimutienė – Administration;
    • Violeta Grybauskienė – Library and Information Resource Centre, Faculty of Arts and Education;
    • Alma Pocienė – Faculty of Technologies;
    • Rita Gerbutavičienė – Facilities and Campus Services;
    • Vitalija Skėruvienė – Faculty of Business; Administration.

Tickets are available from 15 November 2021 until 10 December 2021.

All funds raised will be distributed by 23 December 2021.

In the lottery you can win the following prizes:

    • wooden Christmas toys (100 sets)
    • wooden souvenirs (10 pcs.)
    • ceramic angels (40 pcs.)
    • ceramic apples (10 pcs.)
    • ceramic bowls (20 pcs.)
    • silkscreen reproduction (10 pcs.)
    • honey (20 pcs.)
    • notebooks (26 pcs.)
    • wicker bags (7 pcs.)

During the campaign of kindness, every year it reminds us about the importance of mutual assistance, compassion, sharing, and strengthening one of the values of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences – community. This initiative reveals how much kindness can be bestowed when everyone contributes to a noble goal.