On the 13-17 of June, Emilija Strimaitytė and Ligita Šilinė visited the University of Málaga under the Erasmus + programme. Lectures gave lectures and practical classes to students. Also Emilija Strimaitytė and Ligita Šilinė was invited to take part in the defences of final master’s theses.

This is the first visit of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences lecturers to this university. During the visit, the possibilities of internships and studies for occupational therapy and physiotherapy students at the University of Malaga were discussed. It is agreed that this university has excellent opportunities and practical bases for students to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

There are physiotherapy and occupational therapy clinics where students gain practical skills by working directly with patients under the supervision of a lecturer. Various mannequins, simulation rooms and other modern physiotherapy and occupational therapy equipment are used for the studies.

Also, the possibilities of international scientific cooperation were discussed. Students of the University of Málaga were invited to participate in conferences organized by the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Rehabilitation of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences. Possibilities for joint research in planning international research and student final thesis were discussed.