Tourism industry developers and experts unanimously confirm the tendency that unbeatable need to travel came to life straight after quarantine restrictions were lifted. However, this market will never be the same and accordingly, new conditions are being dictated for future specialists of this field.

A changed relationship between humans and travels – it will never be the same as the one comparable to fast moving goods. “During the pandemic we discovered that people really missed traveling and are definitely getting ready to go on journeys. However, they are considering the direction, way of travel and period much more responsibly. Travel organisers have to have considerably more competences than before”, – Žydrė Gavelienė, President of the National Tourism Business Association, Head of the Travel Organizer Estravel presents her take on the matter.

According to her, the situation, which is observable now, will grow the need for professional travel organizers: “especially because we lost about half of the people that worked in this sector. I see this as a very good opportunity for young specialists to integrate themselves into the tourism industry”, – the specialist notes.

What competencies are required recently?

Whilst talking about hotel management specialist competencies, Rima Mikalauskienė, General Director of Corner Hotel, Lecturer, Department of Tourism and Leisure Management, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences predicts that literacy will gain more meaning in this field. “We are able to communicate, but fluid writing without mistakes is becoming harder and harder for young people. Although program and application developers advertise response templates, personal connection in the service sector plays a clear role”, – says the lecturer.

The fact that human contact is especially important in the hospitality sector is also reassured by the head of the tour operator “Estravel” Ž. Gavelienė. According to her, personal values, like hospitality and flexibility,  are very important for a professional tourism specialist. Foreign languages, international communication, various internships abroad and volunteering experiences are especially important for a specialist of this field.

The need for tourism specialists are getting bigger

Audronė Lukšaitienė, lecturer of Kaunas University of Applied sciences, Tourism and Hotel Management study program notes that recently, more tourists are in need of help and advice from specialists for travel. The broadening application of technologies, ever changing conditions of travel and safety requirements are the culprit for the need for more important competences of specialists.

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences lecturer A. Liorančaitė-Šukienė says that the Tourism and hotel management study program, realized in this higher education institution can pride itself on not only with mature traditions but also strong social partners.

“We are happy because of all the great reviews surrounding our study program graduates that reach us from employers and other social partners. It motivates us to further improve the study programs, responding to and adapting to the latest global trends in accordance with the labor market needs”, – says A. Liorančaitė-Šukienė.

These tendencies are confirmed by the newest study ratings, according to which, Tourism and hotel management is mentioned among the best received specialties in Lithuania in the list of university study fields of 2021.