The project, which is in its second year, is half way through and tangible results are already visible. Since the beginning of the project in June 2021, the first intellectual product ” VLE teaching/learning and assessment methods analysis report” has already been created and the second intellectual product ” VLE teaching/learning and assessment methodology” is being finalized. Moreover, during this academic year, four international and interdisciplinary modules have started in the virtual environment, bringing together students from project partner institutions. The topics are focused on current affairs and student interests, including topics such as career modelling, wellness, creating a personal image, personal and international communication, marketing, digital media, entrepreneurship. These virtual modules aim to reveal the advantages of virtual mobility and promote internationalism at home – study abroad without leaving the country.

October 25, 2022 an international meeting was held at Zagreb School of Business, Croatia, where partners gathered from Spain (Francisco de Vitoria University), Finland (Savonia University of Applied Sciences), Lithuania (Kaunas University of Applied Sciences) and England (School of Coding Limited) to discuss the progress of the project, the problems that have arisen and the further activities of the project. It is planned that the project will be crowned by the final conference, which will be organized by the Project Coordinator Kaunas University of Applied Sciences in May, 2023.

The project “Quality of Virtual Studies” aims to improve the quality of virtual studies by creating teaching methodology and implementing technological and pedagogical innovations (teachers’ didactic, digital competences, gamification of the study process), which will increase the accessibility of studies and the motivation of learners. The project is dedicated to the education of employees about pedagogical and technological innovations and the transfer of good practices in Europe.