In the spring of this year, Kaunas University of Applied Science hosted an external international evaluation of the study field of business. After analyzing the International Business and Logistics study programs implemented at the Faculty of Business, the experts of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) evaluated them with the highest scores and accredited them for the maximum period of seven years!

The International Commission noted that the study programs of the study field of business have a strong focus on the latest developments in the labor market. The experts pointed out that the faculty’s programs are constantly updated to take into account the latest developments in the business environment, digitalization and labor market requirements related to innovation, digitalization and the development of artificial intelligence. It was also noted that, given the rapid changes in the market, the learning outcomes of the programs are linked to the development of skills such as critical thinking, creativity and digital skills, which are also highly valued by students.

The Commission was particularly impressed by the professional teaching staff, including foreign teachers, thus ensuring an international experience for the students. Among the strengths of the International Business and Logistics programs, the strong emphasis on applied research; the increase in the number of students participating in mobility programs; the focus on physical resources to ensure a professional learning environment; the variety of modern study methods; and the active involvement of alumni in the quality process of studies were also mentioned.

According to the experts, the structure of the International Business and Logistics study programs allows for the achievement of the envisaged study results and the preparation of highly-qualified specialists with all the necessary knowledge, research and personal skills, and social skills to work in a wide range of organizations under rapidly changing market conditions.

The International Business and Logistics programs were evaluated according to the following criteria: intended and achieved learning outcomes and curriculum; links between science/arts and studies; student enrolment and support; teaching and learning, student outcomes and graduate employment; lecturers; study tools and resources; study quality management and public information.