The Language Centre of the Faculty of Arts and Education of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI), together with the Democritus University of Thrace (Greece) and the Wood Technology School Maribor (Slovenia), from April 10 to 26 is implementing a blended intensive programme Fundamental Skills for Entrepreneurship and Academic Performance.

Students have a unique opportunity to improve and develop entrepreneurial skills by combining various and interactive methodologies. The course consists of theoretical and practical sessions and workshops. 42 participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Slovenia and Hungary are participating in this programme. Students work in international groups to develop their business English, creativity, finance, marketing and product presentation skills.

The programme consists of two parts: virtual lectures that have already taken place (April 10 and 18) and contact classes taking place this week (April 22 – 26) at Kauno kolegija HEI.

During the virtual lectures, students had the opportunity to get to know each other, complete assignments, and participate in the lectures Business Before and Now (lecturer Vaida Misevičiūtė, Lithuania) and Intercultural Communication and its Role in Today’s World (Dr Marijana Prodanović, Bosnia and Herzegovina). In contact classes, students learn leadership (Dr Marijana Prodanovič, Bosnia and Herzegovina), personal branding (lecturer Smiltė Juraitė, Lithuania), public speaking (lecturer Vaida Misevičiūtė, Lithuania) and negotiation skills (lecturer Asta Pukienė, Lithuania). Also during group sessions, students prepare reports and participate in the international scientific conference of students “Forum of Ideas”, where they will present the conducted research.

This international programme helps not only to improve entrepreneurial skills, but also to increase tolerance and cultural awareness of Kauno kolegija HEI and the community of other countries, to develop and strengthen intercultural competencies, which are necessary not only for the employees of the higher education institution, but also for the successful further career of students.