The international teaching week “A Week of Global Learning” organised by the Faculty of Arts and Education of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI) started yesterday. Vice Director for Science and Partnership Dr Mantas Dilys congratulated organisers of the event: Albertas Juodeikas, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Education, Milda Rutkauskaitė, Vice Dean for Science and Art, Ieva Brazauskaitė-Zubavičienė, Head of the Language Centre, Lukas Alsis, Head of the Academy of Arts, Kristina Juodeikienė, International Coordinator, and the participants, wished that the international week cooperation would be strengthened.

Ieva Brazauskaitė-Zubavičienė, the Head of the Language Centre encouraged guests from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Portugal to enjoy various events that will last the whole week, including: the international scientific-practical conference “Art, Design, Languages, Education, and Social Work: Innovations in Theory and Practice” (ADLES), the opening of the exhibition “12 meetings, 24 touches”, a visit to Trakai and many other interesting activities organised especially for the guests of the International Teaching Week. The Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Education A. Juodeika, contributing to the congratulations, emphasised that international relations and cooperation are very important, but sincere friendship is no less important. “I wish that more than one new and long-lasting friendship will be established during this week,” said the Dean of the Faculty.

The programme of the International Teaching Week includes the Erasmus+ training week, during which lectures will be given to faculty students by lecturers from abroad, and the intensive Erasmus+ BIP programme “Make a LEAP” for lecturers from different countries. Namely, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology of the University Sinergija (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dr Marijana Prodanović invited yesterday to the first training of the “Make a LEAP” programme.

After presenting the training topic – leadership, Dr M. Prodanović asked the participants a question: who is a leader? What qualities should she/he have? The participants shared the opinion that a leader should be communicative, have managerial skills, independent, not afraid to take risks, not giving up, and empathetic. Flexibility, the ability to adapt to changes was singled out as one of the most important qualities. In the middle of the training, Dr M. Prodanović posed a more difficult question to the participants: is leadership only associated with success? Or can failure be valuable too? The participants actively engaged in the discussion about the fact that not only great achievements are important, but also the fulfilment of daily tasks, the ability to solve problems and overcome unexpected situations. “A good leader is, above all, the leader of his own life, overcoming difficulties and challenges,” the training lecturer summarised.

In the “Make a LEAP” training of the Erasmus+ BIP programme, participants will delve not only into the topics of leadership, but also into the topics of negotiation strategies and the art of persuasion.