911 graduates of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI) were congratulated during the solemn celebration held at the Žalgirio Arena in Kaunas – they were awarded diplomas denoting the professional bachelor’s qualification degree.

‘Imagine life as a wide and open horizon with no predetermined path. Each of you has a unique compass, an inner guide shaped by your competencies, talents and dreams. The journey you embark on will not be determined by the road you take, but by the path you have yet to pave,the Director of Kauno kolegija HEI Dr Andrius Brusokas congratulated graduates.

Unforgettable study years

The President of the Kauno kolegija HEI Alumni Club Saulius Davainis also congratulated graduates, whose determination and efforts are awarded higher education diplomas.

‘When you receive your diplomas of higher education today, remember how you discovered your passion during your studies. Maybe you found your favourite activity too? Or maybe you found your study friends with whom you will not only communicate in the future but also become colleagues, business partners or friends. Stop for a moment today and think – how do your completed studies help you on your life’s journey, what goals do you set for yourself, and how do you intend to achieve them?,said S. Davainis.

The first lectures, the first practices, exams sessions, sleepless nights – although the study period was not always easy, Karolis Stukonis, a student of the Physiotherapy study programme, who received his diploma during the celebration, was happy that there are many opportunities for students at Kauno kolegija HEI.

‘Each of these events will remind us of our studies at Kauno kolegija HEI, a place where everything is possible. It is possible to pursue dreams, careers, and academic results. As Gytis Paškevičius said in one of the songs:This land was given to me by fate’, Kauno kolegija HEI gave us unforgettable studies, memories and experiences that open up new opportunities and challenges,K. Stukonis shared.