In the A’ Design Award & Competition, printed publications in the 2023–2024 category, the book “Piešiame Pelėdų kalne” (Drawing on Owl Hill) won silver for design excellence. The book is dedicated to the 100th of the Kaunas School of Arts,  the design of which was created by the lecturer Aurimas Mickus of the Faculty of Arts and Education of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI).

A. Mickus, who created the design of the book, wanted it not only to remind of the past, but also to reflect the present, so the book is dominated by an attention-grabbing bright orange colour, which is a symbol of energy, creativity, and is also the thematic colour of the Faculty of Arts and Education. The book is decorated with a fragment of the logo created by Gerda Burokaitė, a graduate of the Design study programme – a stylised owl, which is inseparable from the Kaunas School of Arts and the Academy of Arts, which continues its traditions. The chosen minimalist design and typography of the book are subtle, but give it a premium look and emphasise lasting value.

The book presents in detail the history of the Kaunas School of Arts from 1922 until 2022 from the perspective of the drawing discipline. The publication contains more than 400 photographs, the author of which is the coordinator of the Photography study programme Svetlana Batura, and students: Greta Kalinauskaitė, Viktorija Vaitilavičiūtė, Gabrielius Kavaliauskas, Domas Rimeika and others.

A’ Design Award aims to bring visibility to dynamic design businesses, innovative brands, and creative designers by supporting them with recognition and publicity in competitive markets and ultimately creating an awareness for good design meanwhile creating business opportunities for good design. The design competition especially aims to promote both emerging design talent as well as established brands to discerning audiences in high-profile media around the world.

Authors of the book: Prof Dr Raimonda Simanaitienė, Dr Inga Valentinienė, Sigutė Bronickienė, Birutė Šležienė. Reviewers: Dr Aistė Dičkalnytė, Dr Reda Šatūnienė. Editor: Dr Aušra Ganusauskienė. Translation to English: Gemma Navickienė. Designer: Aurimas Mickus. Photographers: Svetlana Batura, Greta Kalinauskaitė, Viktorija Vaitilavičiūtė, Gabrielius Kavaliauskas, Domas Rimeika, Sigutė Bronickienė, Birutė Šležienė, Gintautas Survila and others.