Kaunas University of Applied Sciences cooperates with over 200 foreign partners in 36 countries around the world. Internationalization is given a great importance as a key factor of higher education development. Therefore, from the 23rd to 27th of March the 12th International Week will be held at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences. This year’s topic “Collaboration for Future: from Technology to Personal Relationship” will cover various aspects related to the need of improving soft skills, digital competences, creativity and stimulating collaboration in the future labour market and higher education.

During the International Week, around 50 guests from foreign partner institutions and the community of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences are invited to participate in various activities: discussions, workshops, 6th international conference “Innovative (Eco) Technology, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development”, International Student Massage Championship. What is more, teachers from abroad will give valuable lectures for our students. During the week, the foreign guests will get acquainted with our institution, will visit some of our social partners and in this way will get a deeper insight into Kaunas University of Applied Sciences development perspectives. Also, an extensive cultural programme will be provided.

Various events will provide an opportunity for the community of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences to develop collaborative relationships by initiating and implementing international projects related to the modernization of the study process and content, the development of applied research and professional competence.