Once again Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences was very glad to welcome international exchange students who chose to enhance their knowledge here in Kaunas. Every student was welcomed by the best buddies to-be – ESN KK mentors, who will take care and provide with any help needed during the whole semester.

The exchange period began a bit earlier than the semester – on the 27th of January. The welcoming week began on this day. Foreigners got acquainted with the campus and other students while playing a role in fun team-building games. Programme of the introduction week was filled with entertaining activities and informal lectures, for instance, a Lithuanian language class to acquire the basic knowledge for communication. Also, an insight to Lithuanian customs was given when trying out traditional Lithuanian food. In order to get better understanding of Kaunas, its surroundings and most importantly its Kaunastic atmosphere, a guided tour around the city was organized. What is more, a one-day trip to Vilnius, the enchanting capital of Lithuania, was a great chance to hear more about the country, architecture and rich history. The week ended with the meetings with the representatives at the faculties.

February was also rich with events and new experiences. Students started attending lectures, got accustomed to new teachers, teaching methods, classrooms, surroundings. As well, cultural life was not forgotten. Students participated in an international dinner where they had a great opportunity to know more about other countries, cultures and, most importantly, try delicious national dishes. On the 20th of February, the 10th birthday of ESN KK was celebrated. The last weekend was marked with a funny trip to Rumšiškės where students had a chance to see traditions of Užgavėnės.

Even though the new semester has begun only a month ago, it accelerated quickly. Hopefully, the students from Belarus, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, and Turkey will spend the upcoming months meaningfully, joyfully and this semester in Lithuania will be the best during their studies.