Each year the Quality Management Office of KAUNO KOLEGIJA evaluates the students‘ feedback, their needs and suggestions. This year, the results of the survey are very satisfying – students feel positive about study areas and offer ways to improve the situation.

The aims of surveys carried out during the winter and spring of 2019:

  • to reveal the first-year students‘ attitude towards studies in KAUNO KOLEGIJA;
  • to find out the motives of choosing studies in KAUNO KOLEGIJA;
  • to figure out the opinion of older students towards the studies, their quality and conditions in KAUNO KOLEGIJA.

The main motive of first-year students for choosing studies in KAUNO KOLEGIJA is the balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Recommendations of friends and acquaintances who studied here are also influential. According to respondents, the study programmes of KAUNO KOLEGIJA are perspective in the job market and it is essential to consider the needs of the business world when creating new programmes.

The satisfaction of older students depends on teachers‘ theoretical knowledge and ability to link it to practice, their communication and cooperation. According to Ms. Kristina Adomaitienė, the senior specialist of Quality Management Office, the key points mentioned by the students are modern leisure time zone and teaching quality.

“Opinion of each student matters: we have analysed the results and are implementing the changes – a new plan to improve the quality has already been projected”, says Ms. Adomaitienė.