Following Order No. 1-105 of the Director of Kauno kolegija dated 19 March 2020, “Regarding the order of organising the services of accommodation in the dormitories of Kauno kolegija” and ensuring the prevention of the coronavirus COVID-19, during the quarantine period from 16 March to 30 March 2020 (the term may be prolonged), all students currently staying in the dormitories are urged to find a possibility to leave the place and continue the study process online at home. The residents (students) who for some important reason cannot leave the dormitory have to submit a request in the form of an e-mail to until 20 March 2020, 11:59 pm, stating their reasons on why they have to stay (no possibility of returning home, the necessity due to work, health problems, etc.). A resident (student) who does not submit such a request on time may not be allowed into the dormitory. Those who left the dormitory on the day the quarantine was announced, will not be charged the accommodation fee for the period from 16 March to 30 March (the period may be prolonged taking into account the decisions regarding the quarantine within the country made). The residents will be allowed to come back only after the Director issues an order regarding the end of the quarantine period. Those, who have come back from abroad are asked not to go to the dormitories. If there is no other possibility, the resident (student) should inform the Head of the Accommodation Unit and provide the reasons for their stay in the dormitory. In such a case, he/she will be provided with accommodation in an isolated room for 14 days. Those who stay in the dormitory need to follow the requirements of personal hygiene and avoid gatherings within the dorms. If the resident (student) experiences flu symptoms (fever, coughing, difficulty in breathing), he/she should inform the Head of the Accommodation Unit and follow the recommendations of the National Centre for Public Health under the Ministry of Health. During the quarantine period, bystanders are not allowed to enter a dormitory.

In case these obligations are ignored, disciplinary measures shall be applied.