On 8–11 November, Businet held the 36th Annual Conference, which took place in Warsaw. Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI) representatives: head of the Student Affairs and Career Unit and the board member of Businet Dr Mindaugas Samuolaitis, welfare manager Smiltė Juraitė, vice director for Science and Partnership Dr Mantas Dilys, head of the Department of Communication at the Faculty of Business Viktorija Navickienė, project development manager at the Faculty of Business Ramunė Bagočiūnaitė participated in the conference, where they discussed the possibilities of international cooperation, shared experience in the development of higher education, improving the quality of services for students, and implementing international inter-institutional projects.

This year, S. Juraitė was invited to give a speech and conduct a workshop at the plenary session of the conference, with the theme “Unleashing the Power of Personal Branding: A Path to Greater Success for Students and Academics”. Meanwhile, Dr M. Samuolaitis led the workshop on “Life Logistic”.

Businet is a network of international higher education institutes (both private and public universities and colleges) that share a common ethos regarding internationalisation. The network unites 145 members from 35 countries.