On 26–28th October, the 27th European Network of Occupational Therapy Higher Education (ENOTHE) conference was held in Oviedo, Spain. For the first time at this event, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI) was represented by Milda Gintilienė, head of the Department of Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Medicine, and associate professor Dr Daiva Baltaduonienė.

The conference, which brought together about 400 participants – lecturers and students from Europe, Asia and America, provided an opportunity to get to know each other more closely and to share the ideas of scientific research activities and the application of innovations in the process of occupational therapy studies.

The meaning and harmony of occupational therapy in modern life was constructively presented by one of the speakers of the plenary session, Salvador Simo Algado from the University of Central Catalonia (The University of Vic). Creative thinking (Filip Dejonckheere, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences) and the use of innovative technologies (Estibaliz Jimenez Arberas, University of Oviedo) were developed in seminars and working groups.

The event was organised by the University of Oviedo, where lecturers from the Department of Rehabilitation participated in meetings with representatives of the Occupational Therapy study programme. Acquaintance with the educational environment of the university provided new ideas for supplementing the content of the Occupational Therapy study programme.

Professor Estibaliz Jimenez Arberas, coordinator of the Occupational Therapy study programme at the University of Oviedo, presented ongoing projects in the country and in Mali, showed the possibilities of using a 3D printer in the Occupational Therapy study programme process, shared thoughts and ideas about the clinic to be opened, where occupational therapy students are expected to provide services to the community.

During this year’s ENOTHE convention, board members were elected. The great honor and responsibility of becoming a member of the board also went to Giedrė Sasnauskienė, a lecturer at the Department of Rehabilitation and the chairperson of the Lithuanian Occupational Therapists Association.

The ENOTHE convention is a great event that develops intercultural communication and inter-institutional cooperation in research and study processes.