We are pleased to announce the forthcoming international scientific conference on Health, Environment, Sustainable Development: Interdisciplinary Approach – HESDIA 2024.

Initiated in 2016 and held every two years, HESDIA is recognised as an international scientific event committed to advancing scientific research and innovation across a multitude of disciplines, including public health, biomedical sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and technological advancements.


HESDIA 2024 aims to serve as a pivotal platform for the exchange of the most recent innovations and research, grounded in core scientific principles that span from medicine to technology developments. The conference not only emphasises the scientific evaluation of new research findings but also focuses on their clinical and applied applications, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice in a real-world setting.

HESDIA 2024 endeavors to:

    • Foster stimulating discourse on public health, environmental concerns, and sustainable development.
    • Facilitate dialogue concerning the pivotal role of science, practice, and technology in health care.
    • Highlight exemplary instances of evidence-based practice and methods.
    • Interrogate the complex interplay between scientific advancements and societal dynamics and inspire public debate on science-related societal change.