The 35th Annual Businet Global Higher Education Network Conference 2022 took place from 9th to 11th  of November, organizing breakout groups, presenting a range of papers, and electing a new President and Board member. By the decision of the voters, PhD Mindaugas Samuolaitis, Head of the Career Centre of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences , Lecturer at the Faculty of Business, was elected to the Board.

Candidates from the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain and Lithuania took part in the elections for the new Board. Following the elections, PhD Samuolaitis was announced as a member of the Businet global higher education network board.

“I am delighted with this achievement. In this organization I will be able to deepen my understanding of higher education, to achieve maximum results, address relevant issues, participate in meetings, exchange ideas and experiences, and contribute to future developments”, says PhD Samuolaitis.

The Businet global higher education network is a network of international higher education institutions (both private and public universities and colleges) that share a common vision of internationalization. “The Businet global higher education network” creates an environment that encourages the sharing of best practices and the collaboration of peers and like-minded member organizations. The organization currently has more than 130 members from 36 countries.

“The Businet global higher education network” was found in 1987 when the then 16 founding members decided to set up a network of higher education institutions to develop and expand business training programs and to promote mobility arrangements between network members. The objectives of the association are: to assist members in achieving their organizational goals and objectives in relation to international activities; to promote the development of an international curriculum for all students studying in the field of business education; to provide opportunities for staff in member institutions to upgrade their qualifications; and to meet the needs of the labor market for staff with relevant business knowledge, language, and work-related skills.