For more than a year now, various businesses around the world have been grappling with the human and economic challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. Encouraging changes have put supply chains in the spotlight, which had to be radically transformed. We invite you to hear about these developments and challenges at 10:50 am on 20 October with Frederic Monfort, a Technical Manager at steelmaking company “British Steel”.

During a virtual seminar at the Faculty of Business, the guest will give a presentation: “Supply Chains of a Vertically Integrated Steelmaking Company”. The international market professional will discuss about the challenges of the breakdown of supply chains in the context of COVID-19 – experience and knowledge of the practices taken by companies during the crisis of supply chains: such as slowdown/closure of mines around the world, the trade war between China, influence of Australia on raw material delivery/pricing, etc.

Frederic Monfort, the guest of the lecture, is ahead of technical affairs at “British Steel”, a steelmaking company. It is Europe’s leading steel producer with facilities throughout the UK and Europe, supplying the highest quality products worldwide. “British Steel’s” steel plant is vertically integrated (involved in several stages of production of the product), i. e. it supplies raw materials from all over the world to produce products for various industries.

The seminar is organized by the Business Centre of the Faculty of Business. This seminar is open for students, partners, and business representatives of the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences who have interests in logistics processes.

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