Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI) and Zhytomyr Medical Institute signed an agreement, which is planned to expand international relations and develop bilateral relations in the fields of science and pedagogy.

Various forms of cooperation are planned, such as sharing experience in organising the effective study process, methodological materials, teaching tools, implementing exchange programmes for researchers, lecturers and students, participation in international internships, and implementation of joint international programmes and projects.

Scientific research activities will include joint scientific conferences, seminars, preparation of joint scientific publications, monographs, textbooks and methodological tools in Ukrainian, English or Lithuanian languages and their publication.

Faculty of Medicine Vice Dean for Studies Dr Lijana Navickienė notes that the signing of this agreement is a significant step in developing and strengthening the internationality of studies and research in health sciences.

‘Zhytomyr Medical Institute actively participates in our initiatives: students participated in a student conference organised by the faculty, presented their research, and also plan to submit articles to the publication. The partners were also interested in the international HESDIA conference organised in the fall and are interested in blended intensive programmes (BIP), and project activities,’ says Dr L. Navickienė.

The Vice Dean for Studies shares that the plans are to offer researchers from the Zhytomyr Medical Institute, using the opportunities provided by the Research Council of Lithuania, employment at the Kauno kolegija HEI for the implementation of scientific applied activities, joint research and preparation of publications.