In the magazine “Reitingai” Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution holds a leading position in the higher education institutions’ rankings and is the first among state higher education institutions in the overall ranking.

Country’s higher education institutions were evaluated based on four major parameters: students and studies, alumni-generated added value and employer evaluations, higher education institution’s academic staff and study facilities, competitiveness in the international study space.

Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution took the first place in evaluating students and studies (earning 30.66 out of 35 points). It was assessed how many top-performing high school graduates, those who achieved grades ranging from 86 to 100 in the national final exams, chose a specific higher education institution. According to the data of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, the lowest grade students were admitted to each higher education institution with was presented, both through the Association Of Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions For Centralised Admissions (LMA BPO) and through the so-called institutional admissions process, which takes place within the higher education institution’s themselves. While most higher education institution’s had agreed not to admit students with a grade lower than 4.3, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution was the only one that adhered to this grade requirement during the institutional admissions process.

According to the added value generated by alumni and employer evaluations, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution was ranked 2nd-3rd and scored 22.74 out of a possible 25 points. This parameter consists of two components: a sociological survey of employers and data from the Lithuanian Employment Service on the employment success of each higher education institution’s alumni within 9 months after completing their studies.

In the evaluation of academic staff and the study base, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution comes 3rd (scoring 9.1 out of 20 points). In this criterion, a new data point has been introduced, which is the research activity carried out by the higher education institution in 2021, assessed for the first time by the Research Council of Lithuania. In previous years’ higher education institution rankings, the ordered consulting and applied research/arts activities carried out by higher education institutions, expressed in monetary terms, were evaluated. This parameter was assessed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport itself.

The fourth criterion, internationalisation, was also updated. It included a new data point: the percentage of qualified alumni who participated in exchange programmes and went abroad for internships last year. According to this criterion, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution ranks 3rd (scoring 6.9 out of 20 points).

According to the data from the “Reitingai” magazine, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution has been holding a leading position among state higher education institutions for several years now.