Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution cherishes traditions, increases internationality, and during the International Week (March 6-10) welcomed academic partners from foreign countries. More than 30 lecturers and administration staff from Spain, Poland, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Belgium, South Africa, Estonia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, and Malta participated in the International Week, which this year’s theme was Internationalization at home.

Many of the lecturers who came to the International Week gave lectures to Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution students on topics such as Globalization’s impact on cultures, the English language in business and communication, Marketing and Brand Internationalisation, Digital and Brand Marketing, Motorcycle technology and drivetrain technology and others.

During the International Week, members of the Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution community and partners from foreign higher education institutions had the opportunity to make new contacts, discuss ideas for joint projects, share experience, and solve problems related to Internationalization at home. In addition, participants of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution International Week were able to participate in various international cultural activities, attend lectures led by other lecturers, and conduct them themselves to get to know Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution and Kaunas, including one of the architectural masterpieces, the Pažaislis Monastery and the Ninth Fort of Kaunas Fortress.

“The organization of international weeks for European higher education institutions has become a very popular tool for sharing practices and planning for further cooperation. This International Week has proved that academic partners, who share their experiences, bring joy to both employees and students of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution. Therefore, I hope that  partnerships will continue to be successfully developed in the new projects,” shares Jolanta Valiaugienė, head of the Unit for International Relations.