“Kauno autobusai” continues to consistently update its public transport fleet and implement innovations for passenger comfort. One of them is the “on-demand” stops that started on 1 August.

A few important rules

From 1 August, passengers are asked to follow both the usual and known rules, as well as the new rules.

When entering through the front door, it is mandatory to mark the “Žiogas” card or show the electronic ticket to the driver on the phone screen (“Žiogas” app) or buy a one-time ticket from the driver.

When intending to get off, as the bus approaches the desired stop, the passenger must press the STOP button and stand safely at the door. When the message “Stop” lights up on the screen, other passengers no longer need to press the button again.

The driver will stop at the bus stops only when, after pressing the STOP button, the corresponding inscription lights up on the light board, and the passenger is ready to get off and will be waiting at the disembarkation door. In the same way, the bus or trolley bus will stop when the driver sees passengers waiting at the bus stop. 

The use of STOP buttons and public transport stops “on demand” will not have a major impact on schedules. Routes are planned taking into account passenger flows, the preferences of communities, workplaces, educational institutions, so it is likely that public transport will still stop at many stops and the timings of daily routes will not change as a result.

Information from the Public Relations Division of Kaunas City Municipality