From 6 – 10 March 2023 Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution is inviting you to join the International Week “GOING INTERNATIONAL” dedicated to teaching. The International Week is a significant event to our community and we hope you will be inspired with innovative ideas, as well as strengthen our further collaboration. We are looking forward to exchanging experience and knowledge about the internationalization at home, therefore we expect your contribution on this topic. During this week, you are welcome to teach students and colleagues in your own field of expertise, share your knowledge, establish new connections and much more!

Growing importance of the internationalisation at home

In today’s global world, internationalisation at home is becoming more and more important. The development of this concept in higher education helps its community increase tolerance and cultural awareness, strengthen its cultural identity, get to know other cultures better, develop and strengthen intercultural competences, which are necessary not only for employees of higher education, but also for the successful further career of students. The development of internationality at home is also inseparable from innovation and progress, which is especially important for higher education institutions preparing future professionals.

The concept of internationalisation at home in 2013 was included in the education policy of the European Commission, thereby establishing the importance of its development and strengthening. Internationalisation at home can be defined as the purposeful integration of international and intercultural aspects into formal and informal activities for students and higher education staff. This concept also emphasises the purposeful inclusion of international and intercultural aspects in curricula, such as the introduction of intercultural competences, mobility windows in study programmes, the organisation of practical learning short-term internships or study visits, the implementation of digital format modules, the organisation of activities promoting interculturality, short-term programmes and training organisation.

Registration is open until 15 February.

Please be advised that photographs and / or videos will be taken at the event for use on the Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution website, in the press or other publications.