On Tuesday, May 9, Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution will host a remote international scientific-practical conference “Business Issues from the Future Specialists’ Point of View 2023”, traditionally organized by the Faculty of Business. Lithuanian and foreign lecturers, students, as well as business representatives are welcome to make presentations and / or submit scientific papers.

The conference is aimed at cooperation between students, lecturers, and business representatives through carrying applied research and participating in discussions on management, economics, law, communication and information as well as other issues essential for the academic community.

We invite you to present your research findings or share thoughts and insights on the following topics.

The conference welcomes lecturers, students and business representatives from Lithuania and abroad.

Main deadlines:

Registration (for presentations and / or paper submission) deadline is extended until 30 April 2023.

Presentation submission: by 2 May 2023 (presented in PowerPoint or other format as approved by the conference organizers).

Paper submission: by 9 May 2023.

Registration is open and papers / presentations are available on the conference website.

Information for participants:

Participants must register to make presentations at the conference and submit the presentation to the conference organizers by the due date. Presentation time is up to 10 minutes. Presentation languages are Lithuanian or English. Presenters will receive certificates and the best will be awarded.

All submitted manuscripts, that meet the requirements, will be reviewed and published in online Conference Proceedings (ISSN: 2538-7669).

Participation in the conference is free of charge. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at vf.konferencija@go.kauko.lt

Do not miss this opportunity to share your thoughts with the members of scientific community!