Every year, following the procedure established by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, the study programmes of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences are submitted to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education for the evaluation and accreditation. The external assessment aims to analyse study programmes and provide recommendations for their improvement. From 2020 until 2025, the programmes of 34 fields of studies implemented in the KUAS will undergo the evaluation.

In the autumn of 2020, the self-evaluation reports of six study programmes, Oral Hygiene, Odontology Care, Dental Technology, Automation and Robotics, Dietetics, Sales and Marketing, were submitted for accreditation.

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences yearly monitors study programmes, and all ongoing programmes are regularly revised.

During 2015–2019, 10 new study programmes were designed: Logistics, Performing Design, Information Finance Systems, Dietetics, Advertising Technologies, Interactive Cartography, Applied Communication, Management of Health and Spa Services, Software Systems, Industrial Design Engineering.

During this period, 5 study programmes were deregistered: 2 programmes (Plantation Engineering, Pedagogy of English and Another Foreign Language) in 2017, and 3 programmes (Interactive Cartography, Sustainable Farming, Art Pedagogy) in 2019.

The amendments to the study programmes implemented in Kaunas University of Applied Sciences are carried out considering the conclusions of international experts, observations and recommendations of the representatives of the business world, students and the academic staff. The tendencies in the development of technology and industry are also taken into account, which helps improve study programmes considering the current world activities. The opinions of stakeholders are particularly valued.

The external evaluation is one of the essential factors that precondition the quality of a study programme. The results of external assessment reveal that more than ⅔ of ongoing study programmes at KUAS are accredited for a maximum period.