Unleash your creative potential in education! Come explore cutting-edge teaching strategies, curriculum design and explore the power of collaboration with higher education institutions across the world at the Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI). Prepare for both – give and receive inspiration! To offer the opportunity of participating as many partner universities as possible, we are limiting the number of participants to 3 per institution. We would like to meet as varied a group of colleagues as possible, therefore please feel free to distribute this information to the administrative staff members in your institution.

Registration is open until 1 March, 2024, or until the event has been filled out.

Workshop 1: “Applied Scientific Activities”

The main topics that will be covered throughout the workshop include multidisciplinarity, creative solutions to problems in the field of applied research implementation, and research design. A significant portion of workshop time will be dedicated to developing research ideas and identifying links between different scientific domains.

Workshop 2: “Personalization in Curriculum Design”

Key questions: What are learners’ individual learning needs? How can those needs be assessed? The topic of how to adapt learning opportunities to changing social situations will be covered, and several strategies for curriculum customisation will be tested. The appropriate amount of attention will be given to popular ideas like inclusiveness and microcredentials.

Workshop 3: “Development of Staff Competencies”

The goal of the workshop is to improve participants’ abilities in problem-solving, creativity, and communication. Open-mindedness and a playful attitude are criteria for this programme. We are going to investigate the ways in which non-traditional approaches to the development of critical competences can help higher education institution staff.


We will email you a confirmation by no later than March 10th.

Thanks for waiting before submitting us the Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement until you have received an acceptance confirmation.

If you need any additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Deimantė Vaičiulytė:

Phone: +370 37 75 11 44

E-mail: incoming@go.kauko.lt or deimante.vaiciulyte@go.kauko.lt.