In order to foster the values ​​of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences – responsibility, professionalism, openness, respect, community – we must each individually and all together create a favorable, democratic, safe, open to respect and help working and academic environment. At Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, unfair and disrespectful treatment of people is not acceptable, therefore, in case of intolerable actions, we encourage you to speak up and act.

In commemoration of the International Day for Tolerance, we invite you to remember the “We respect and support” initiative to increase tolerance implemented at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences. During this initiative, efforts are made to increase awareness, support and empathy among community members – students and employees – so that everyone, regardless of their gender, skin color, origin, social status, religion, age, disability, is respected and accepted.

We invite you to get acquainted with the stories of heroes who inspire the members of the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences and promote tolerance.