The 7th International Conference “Innovative (Eco-)Technology, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development” (IECOTERD) will be held on 12 October, 2021 online.  Conference is hosted by Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania).

The main goal of the conference is to promote scientific discussion and share ideas about technological innovations, eco-innovations and technology-based entrepreneurship as drivers for economic growth and social change in regions. Particular attention will be given to green technology and sustainable development.

We kindly invite teachers and researchers to participate in this event and share their own experience and knowledge. The online registration to the conference is open. To proceed with online registration, click here.

Moreover, we are pleased to announce the keynote speakers of the plenary session.

Gintaras Vilda

Engineer, prophet of manufacturing innovations and international innovation expert of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Director of the Manufacturing Innovation Valley. One of the pioneers of the movement Industry 4.0 in Lithuania, Member of the Coordination Working Group of the platform Industry 4.0, with significant experience in the energy sector.

Worked as director of the Lithuanian Association of Engineering Industry LINPRA, Chairperson of the VšĮ Intechcentras and Coordinator of the Lithuanian Plastics Cluster. He represents Lithuania on the Manufuture Technology Platform of the European Union, the European Factories of the Future Research Association EFFRA, the Europe’s technology industries ORGALIM, the Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries CEEMET.

Prof. dr. Žaneta Stasiškienė

Director of the Institute of Environmental Engineering under Kaunas University of Technology. Her experience under UNEP DTIE was transferred to Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Tanzania, Russia and covers areas of sustainability assessment, sustainable innovation and development of environmental project financing schemes, infrastructure activity plans for Spain, Central and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Africa, Asian countries.

Since 2015 Žaneta has been a leader of the scientific group Smart and sustainable cities at Kaunas University of Technology, Expert of Lithuanian Research Council and EUREKA High-level Technical Expert, etc.

Aleksandro Montanha

Entrepreneur, researcher, PhD student in Signal Processing at the University of Sevilla (Spain), current chairperson of the smart cities committee of the Brazilian Internet of Things Association and member of Intel’s Internet of Things Council. Visiting lecturer in foreign countries. Developed a series of technologies applied to smart city environments. Finalist for a number of international awards. In 2020, received an honorable mention from the Legislative Assembly of the State of Paraná, for the project aimed to combat Covid-19.

Prof. dr. Keith G. Debbage

Joint Professor of Geography and Business at UNC-Greensboro (USA) and a Coleman Foundation Entrepreneurship Fellow with research interests in city planning and urban development, the airline industry, entrepreneurship, and tourism.  He is the author of over 80 research publications in book chapters, grant and contracted reports and various academic journals and has been quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Gulf NewsNew York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Debbage serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Air Transport Management and Tourism Geographies.  Some of his recent airline research has been funded by the National Academies of Sciences and his research on aviation carbon emissions has featured in Forbes Magazine.

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