This Autumn semester is going to be different from the previous one, so in order to make sure it goes over successfully, your flexibility and focus will be very much needed. Because of the introduction of coronavirus prevention measures and instructions, given by the government of Lithuanian Republic, study organization process may have received changes follow the schedules, virtual learning environment “Moodle” and information received by e-mail.

  • The expected start of Autumn semester for 1st year student is September 14th, while for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students – September 1st.
  • The well-being of students and employees, as well as their safety is one of the most important priorities, so that is why the 2020 Autumn semester studies will be organized in a mixed way – study activities will be held in both remotely and in the auditoriums.
  • Study schedules will include the name of the study subject, academic group of the student, the work hours that include contact, duration, place and the lecturer.
  • Common activities, when possible, will be held remotely. If the activities must be held live with the participation of lecturers and students, it is mandatory to ensure the necessary conditions for carrying out these studies.
  • Optional subjects / modules, if possible, will be organized remotely.
  • If possible, only one type of activity will be planned on any given day (remote work, work in the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences premises). If more than one activity is being held in the same day, it will be ensured that all activities of the same type be held in secession to one another. A sufficient amount of time will be given in between the different types of activities.
  • Settlements will be executed in accordance to the study subject / module briefing description of the learning achievement assessment system.
  • All relevant study material would be published in the virtual study environment “Moodle”.

Safety and prevention measures during lectures and workshops

  • In attempt to ensure the safety of students and lecturers, during the lectures it is required to wear protective equipment to cover the nose and mouth and maintain distance of at least 1 meter between the participating students and lecturer.
  • If a distance of 2 meter of more is maintained, in that case, nose and mouth protecting equipment is not required.
  • Disinfectant fluids can be found near the entrances of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences premises.
  • The lecture schedules are formed in such way to ensure as little movement of academic groups between the buildings and auditoriums as possible.
  • Breaks between lectures are planned in between the activities to allow for cleaning and proper ventilation of rooms.

Quite a big part of infection cases are connected to traveling, so try to stay from or postpone visits to countries that are included in COVID-19 affected countries list. Information about the countries of risk can be followed on the internet page.

We will inform you about any changes, if they occur, on the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences internet page or by e-mail.

We wish you a successful and easy start to the academic year!