Last year, a new project “HOBBYPRO” was launched at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, inviting employees to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues. Fostering one of the values of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences – community spirit – the project unites employees who are looking for meaningful leisure time and who want to share their knowledge and accumulated experience. At the same time, it is one way to build and cherish long-term and close-knit relationships with community members.

Eimantas Zaksas, the coordinator of the “HOBBYPRO“ project and Head for Cultural Activities of the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, reveals that just after the start of the project the employees got a lot involved.

“From the first meetings, “HOBBYPRO’s“ activities have attracted a great deal of interest and involvement from employees. Both the employees who want to lead the activities and their colleagues who want to learn something new have expressed a strong intention to become a part of this project. The project has been running for 3 months now, during which 150 members of the community have already participated in various activities,“ says E. Zaksas and mentions that the project will continue. The aim will also be to involve even more members of the community to carry out more activities.

As a socially responsible organization, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences encourages employees to get involved in the voluntary activities and share their experience and knowledge. E. Zaksas reveals that the idea of “HOBBYPRO“ originated from this exact goal.

“The goal for 2021 was to encourage employees to join voluntary organizations by devoting their time. This led to the idea that community of the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences could share their experience and knowledge with each other, thus encouraging employees to spend their free time meaningfully, get to know each other better, and strengthen community spirit,“ says E. Zaksas.

Participants plan to take part in activities again in the future

Aušra Liorančaitė-Šukienė, a lecturer at the Faculty of Business, who tried one of “HOBBYPRO’s“ activities, reveals that she was motivated to participate in the sound therapy session by the intention to learn something new.

“I decided to take part in the sound therapy session because I like to learn and discover new things – all the classes I took part in were really successful and I would be happy to participate again,“ says A. Liorančaitė-Šukienė, recommending other members of the community to engage in “HOBBYPRO” activities.

“I plan to participate in other activities as well, because it helps to diversify the routine and learn new useful things,“ the lecturer of the Faculty of Business shares her thoughts.

Kristina Milčiuvienė, a laboratory assistant at the Department of Food Technologies at the Faculty of Technologies, who got acquainted with the peculiarities of Christmas dishes from meat production during the “HOBBYPRO“ session, also took part because of the willingness to acquire new knowledge.

“Working at the Department of Food Technologies myself, I wanted to know more. I am not quite familiar with meat dishes, but I have tasted the chicken roll made by the lecturer who led the activity and I really liked it, so I wanted to learn the cooking technology,“ says K. Milčiuvienė. She also shares that the impressions from the session were great, and she also plans to attend other “HOBBYPRO“ activities.

“I was left with great impressions. The lecturer showed and explained everything. The atmosphere during the session was great. If there are any interesting activities, I will definitely try to participate,“ says K. Milčiuvienė.

Smiltė Juraitė, the Head of Marketing and Communication Office, who participated in the activity related to clothing design, is also glad that the Kaunas University of the Applied Sciences is engaged in activities that allow to gain new knowledge and get to know other members of the community better.

“The activity I took part in left the greatest impressions. I really liked the lecturers who led the session, presented the material in an interesting way and patiently advised when the participants themselves started to decorate the clothes or their elements. I will definitely attend other classes! Primarily because it’s a fantastic opportunity to try things you’ve never tried before. Participation in “HOBBYPRO’s“ activities is also a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues better in an informal environment, to develop closer bonds, which will really come in useful to solve the challenges faced at work together,“ S. Juraitė shares her thoughts.

Employees are also given the anonymous survey, inviting to express their opinion on the activities they have had the chance to attend. The results of this survey reveal that employees are glad not only to learn something new, but also to be together, meet colleagues and strengthen community.

Due to the high level of interest and active involvement of the “HOBBYPRO“ project, the vacancies are filled very quickly. Information about the upcoming activities and invitations to register activities are provided by e-mail.

More than 15 activities have already been implemented: painting, ceramics, clothing design, ice cream making, sound therapy, self-massage, board games and more.