In the autumn semester, students of the Food Technology, Gastronomy and Catering study programmes had the opportunity to listen to the lecturer’s Dr. Afam Israel O. Jideani lectures in the field of food engineering. Dr. Afam Israel O. Jideani is a researcher at the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, University of Venda, South Africa. The lecturer has more than thirty years of teaching experience, lecturing on food processing equipment, food chemistry, fermentation science and technology, food safety and quality, and other topics. He delivered theoretical and practical classes not only in South African universities, but also in other countries (Japan, Nigeria, etc.).

Dr. Afam Israel O. Jideani wrote over a hundred scientific papers in various peer-reviewed scientific journals, delivered presentations at a number of scientific conferences worldwide (United States, Canada, Greece, etc.); and his scientific findings have been cited in the works of other researchers.

Dr. Ingrida Kraujutienė, Head of the Department of Food Technology, says that lectures delivered by visiting lecturers help students to develop their English language skills, specific subject-related terminology, get acquainted with new study methods, and acquire intercultural communication competences. In addition, the visits contribute to targeted inter-institutional cooperation in research and academic activities.