2022–2023 the Academy of Arts of the Faculty of Arts and Education of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (HEI) celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Kaunas School of Art. Throughout the year, the “Owl Hill” gallery hosted solo exhibitions of the school’s graduates. The artworks of the artists (Rimantas Dichavičius, Stasys Eidrigevičius, Jonas Gasiūnas, Dainius Liškevičius, Evaldas Pauza, Juozas Statkevičius, Darius Mikšys, Židrija Janušaitė, Remigijus Sederevičius, Feliksas Jakubauskas, Eimutis Markūnas ir Eglė Ridikaitė) from the 6th–9th decades of the 20th century were presented in the gallery.

Until 4 January the exhibition “12 Meetings, 24 Touches” is open at the “Owl Hill” gallery (A. Mackevičius St. 27, Kaunas). The exhibition concludes the series of expositions dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Kaunas School of Art, which has received a lot of public attention.

The objects of the exhibition “12 Meetings, 24 Touches” are palm prints of Kaunas School of Art graduates, twelve artists, created from luxurious Czech optical glass by the lecturer of the Academy of Arts, glass artist Sigita Grabliauskaitė. Twenty-four palm prints – touches give meaning to the creative path of artists. In the exhibition, visitors can see the creators’ hands up close, and try to predict the meanings of the marks left by time and work and the stories behind them. These palm prints are like open books of artists’ lives and works.

“The exhibition is a tribute to the Kaunas School of Art graduates and a clear declaration that this alma mater remains open to everyone – both future students and those who have already closed the doors of this institution. The focus of the exhibition remains the meeting of the visitor with Them and with himself/herself. In silence, with mysterious owls hooting and hundred-year-old oaks rustling,” says Lukas Alsys, curator of the exhibition, Head of the Academy of Arts.

Curator of the exhibition: Lukas Alsys, Head of Academy of Arts of Kauno kolegija HEI

Exhibition organiser: Kauno kolegija HEI

Author of the exhibition objects: Sigita Grabliauskaitė, Academy of Arts of Kauno kolegija HEI lecturer, glass artist