Physiotherapy study programme lecturers Laura Baumann and Laura Žlibinaitė from the Rehabilitation department at the Faculty of Medicine, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (KUAS) on 7-14th of December participated in Erasmus+ teaching mobility programme at the University of Malaga (UMA).  During the visit they gave lectures and practical workshops for undergraduate students. The visit was organized by Manuel Gonzalez Sanchez who is the vice-dean for international relationships, mobility, cooperation and environmental sustainability of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UMA.

During the visit, the possibilities of physiotherapy and occupational therapy students’ internships and part-time studies at the University of Malaga were discussed. Such an opportunity is also available for nursing study programme students. A medical clinic has been established at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the UMA, where students of various study programmes improve their practical skills under the supervision of teachers – mentors. This practice opportunity is also provided for exchange students.

During the meeting with the teachers, the structure of study programmes, content of study subjects, methods and tools were discussed. During the visit, they were introduced to mannequins, simulation rooms and other traditional and innovative study tools used for studies and research.

Possibilities of international scientific cooperation were also discussed. It was agreed to carry out a joint study – a survey on the knowledge of young people about the residual effects of spinal cord injuries, quality of life and rehabilitation in Lithuania and Spain.

Also, there is a plan to organise international training courses at KUAS for physiotherapists practitioners, which will be led by lecturers – partners from the UMA. Cooperation will be carried out after coordination and preparation of the training programme.

Partnership with the University of Malaga is the continuation of mission of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, as it is a strategic alliance partner to cooperate in carrying out students and teachers international mobility, projects and study innovations.