Yesterday, on June 29th in one of the oldest aerodromes in Europe – S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno aerodrome a resounding Kaunas University of Applied Sciences diploma award ceremony took place that was attended  by more than a few thousand people. During the celebration, the attendees were not only happy for the graduates, but were also listening to one of the most popular Lithuanian singers today, Justinas Jarutis, live concert.

A pavilion, especially for the celebration of diploma awards was built – one of the largest in Lithuania and taking up more than 1000 square meters. On duty pilots also invited the event attendees to uptake on a unique opportunity – to enjoy the growing and beautiful city of Kaunas from a bird‘s eye view.

The event was open for everyone who wanted to celebrate and rejoice together with Kaunas University of Applied Sciences. “We are happy that after a long lasting remote living break, today we can see all these smiles, take to one another and listen to a concert live as well as be happy with the graduates in this very important day for them”, a rejoiced Kaunas University of Applied Sciences almuni, event organiser and host Edvinas Vadoklis.

During the start of the event, Kaunas University of Applied sciences director Paulius Baltrušaitis said: “Dear graduates, we are proud and are celebrating along. We wish you the best of luck, stay honest and active in your work and life. We are not saying goodbye, only see you soon and are leaving the door to Kaunas University of Applied Sciences wide open. Thank you for the experienced communion and wish you luck!”, P. Baltrušaitis wished the graduates.

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences director also thanked the students parents, close relatives and friends – for the support and overall help, social partners who helped get to know the world of their specialties and the lecturers – for the confidently led path towards knowledge and professionalism.

Alonside the first J. Jarutis song, a plane flew above the aerodrome, which threw out candies decorated with colored ribbons and created an impressive effect of colorful rain.

This year bachelor diplomas were handed out to 1272 graduates, 89 of which were diplomas with with praise. Most diplomas were handed out to future future cosmetology and multimedia technology specialists. During the event, there were also nominal scholarships set up by the social partners for the most talented students.

The safety of the spectators was also taken care of in Kaunas University of Applied Sciences diploma award ceremony in accordance with the requirements of the State-level Emergency Operations Manual applicable on that date.