Director of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution Paulius Baltrušaitis, together with the representatives of six other European universities from France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Albania on 13 January, at the University of Málaga (Spain) signed an agreement on the establishment of the “UNINOVIS- Data for L.I.F.E” European University Alliance.

P. Baltrušaitis emphasises that internationalisation is one the most important priorities of Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution’s 2021–2023 strategy. Becoming one of the full members of the alliance would help Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution to strengthen relations with already existing international partners, expand the network of partnerships, offer new joint study programmes, get involved in new strategic partnerships and research projects, open up new opportunities for students and lecturers mobility. Being part of the European University Alliance “UNINOVIS- Data for L.I.F.E” would also contribute to the strengthening of scientific potential, which is an important step for Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution to become a university of applied sciences and offer professional master’s degree studies.

“UNINOVIS- Data for L.I.F.E” aims to become a source of advanced data science competencies and skills for current and future generations, supporting a sustainable and inclusive European society. The goal of the Alliance is to create an international and interdisciplinary European university with common governance, teaching, and research structures from six higher education institutions. The Alliance focuses on the wider use of data science in all academic fields.

The “UNINOVIS- Data for L.I.F.E” has four main objectives: to become the leading European alliance in providing lifelong learning in the field of data management and analysis; integrate innovation ecosystems for educational, collaborative and interdisciplinary research purposes; promote a green and digital transition for sustainability in the alliance and society in general; to seek European expertise in the use, protection and processing of data.