Partnership plays a significant role at  Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences. This institution of higher education cooperates with various Lithuanian and foreign business enterprises, associated business structures and state organizations. Partnership helps us expand environments for personal and communal development and service to society.

During their studies, the students of Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences meet business representatives  from Lithuania and other countries. The leaders of the most advanced business organizations have been elected members of  the Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences Council (it is chaired by a business representative), study programme committees. Therefore, they have a direct impact on the development of the Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences.

While ensuring the relevance of the study programmes, their quality and competitiveness, special attention is paid to the participation of representatives of the business world in various activities related to the  development, improvement and implementation of study programmes. These people are the strategists of the improvement of study programmes. Their opinion and assistance are very important in organizing professional field survey, trying to find out the demand for the new and existing study programmes, updating learning outcomes, improving students’ practical training and other issues related to the quality of studies. According to the Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences Statute, the committees of the study programmes are headed by representatives of the business world; they comprise more than a half of the members  of study programme committees.

Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is in close cooperation with social partners in the area of applied research and artistic activities as well. An outstanding feature of the scientific-practical conferences organized by Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is topics, reflecting the implementation of the “triangle of knowledge” (integration of studies, applied research and business).

Employers as well as other Lithuanian and foreign stakeholders are invited to make presentations in conferences. The multidimensional look at problems during conferences ensures systemic approach and attracts stakeholders to discuss the issues related to the quality of study programmes and applied research, this way adding to their improvement.  Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences academic staff and students are involved in the joint activities of the higher education institution and businesses / enterprises.

The strengthening of internationalisation is one of the five strategic priorities of Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences.

Effective international exchange of students and staff, joint international projects/applied research activities, attraction of foreign lecturers, development of cross-cultural competences serve for the implementation of the following strategic objectives:

  • to improve the international openness of higher education;
  • to seek for the international significance of applied research;
  • to ensure constant professional development of academic staff.

Our main focus of international activities is on the following internationalization areas:

  • international exchange of students and staff
  • Attraction of foreign lecturers,
  • Internationalization of study programmes at “home”
  • Participation in international projects and applied research.

Every year more than 300 students from our institution participate in the exchange programmes or other mobility activities, about 170 foreign students are coming to us.

Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences has been awarded  with an Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020.

By signing this Charter, the Institution undertakes to contribute to the European Union’s modernisation and internationalisation agenda in higher education, which includes 5 priorities:

  • Increasing attainment levels to provide the graduates and researchers Europe needs;
  • Improving the quality and relevance of higher education;
  • Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation;
  • Linking higher education, research and business for excellence and regional development;
  • Improving governance and funding.

In signing this Charter, the Institution confirms that its participation in the Programme is part of its own strategy for modernisation and internationalisation.

The Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences  Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020 sets out the institution’s overall Erasmus co-operation plan in coherence with the strategy defined in the mission statement of the institution and specifies the measures and actions we  intend to introduce in order to fulfil the requirements of the Charter.

Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is represented in various international associations and networks:

  • EURASHE (European Association of Institutions in Higher Education);
  • EAIE (European Association for International Education);
  • UASNET (European Network for Universities of Applied Sciences);
  • BUSINET (Network for the Development of Business Education Programmes);
  • EAEC (European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators);
  • ICEIGATM (International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic  Arts: Technology and Management);
  • ENPHE (European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education);
  • UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT (a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment  and anti-corruption).

KAUNO KOLEGIJA/UAS is an active participant of various NordPlus networks comprising  institutions from Nordic and  Baltic countries:

  • EkoTekNord (Nordic-Baltic Network, promoting cooperation in the fields Business, Information Technology, Engineering, Logistics and Media);
  • NOBANET (Nordic-Baltic Network for Internationalization of SMEs;
  • WELLTOUR (Nordic-Baltic Network promoting wellness tourism);
  • NEWELRA (Baltic-Nordic Network for Creating New Earning Logics in Rural Areas).

Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is the member of different international networks and an active participant  in  EU Erasmus+,  Nordplus  and other  international cooperation programmes.  It has  around 200  international partners worldwide,  among them – over 150 Erasmus+  partners.

You can see the list of our Erasmus+ Partners in the Programme countries

Since  2015 Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences has started credit mobility cooperation under Erasmus + programme with Partner countries. Currently it has  approved cooperation  with  universities in Belarus, China,  Georgia, Israel, Russia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Jordan, South Africa  and Ukraine.

Erasmus+ with Partner countries

Kauno kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest and constantly evolving accredited public higher education institutions. 

Our equal partnership in the European higher education space is testified by numerous activities including the international accreditation of study programmes, the very successful participation in numerous projects, expanding network of partners among higher educational institutions in Europe and beyond. The strategic aspirations of Kauno kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences include interaction of scientific and educational activities, integration of research into the study process, introduction of innovations, concern for students’ needs and competence development.

Project coordinator: Kauno kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences. ERASMUS + KA2 projects:

EXPEDUCOM Experiential Education Competence (project No. 2014-1-LT01-KA200-000368)

2014/09/01 – 2016/08/31

Kauno kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences in partners rights. ERASMUS + projects

Villages on the Move Network (project No. 2018-2651/001-001)

2019/01/01 – 2019/12/31

E-DESIGN – European Digital Education for Social Inclusion and Global Neighbourhood (project No. 604451-EPP-1-2018-1-DE-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN)

2018/12/31 – 2021/12/30 

Personal safety of medical personnel in difficult professional situations (SAFEMEDIC) (project No. 2018-1-PL01-KA203-050652)

2018/10/01 – 2020/09/30

Skills for Baltic Wood industry – European Quality in Vocational Education and Training (project No. 601123-EPP-1-2018-1-DE-EPPKA2-SSA)

2018/10/01 – 2021/10/01

Interactive Digital Content Platform to Share, Reuse, and Innovative in the Classrom (INDIE) (project No. 2018-1-ES01-KA201-050924)

2018/09/01 – 2021/08/31

The eMedication Passport – Cultural Adaptation of Learning Tool for Ensuring the Development of Medication Competence of Graduate Nurses (project No. 2017-1-EE01-KA203-034884)

2017/10/01 – 2020/08/31

Preventing stress in the teaching profession – Stress free teachers (project No. 2017-1-PT01-KA201-035812) 

2017/10/01 – 2019/09/30

Villages on Move Baltic (project No. 579678-EPP-1-2016-2-FI-SPO-SCP) 

2017/01/01 – 2018/12/31

Integrated Football the new Frontier of Sport for All (project No. 2016-1004/001-001)

2016/04/04 –2017/10/03

Coaching Schools to Face Change Ahead (project No. 2015-1-IT02-KA201-014883)


Kauno kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences in partners rights. Nordplus HE projects

Nordejordemodern network (project No. NPHE-2018/10129)

2018/06/15 – 2019/10/01

EkoTekNord 2018-CX (project No. NPHE-2018/10093)


Express Mobility for Tourism Students (project No. NPHE-2018/10117)

2018/05/15 –  2019/05/30

STRANGERS: The own kind and the other in Art and Social Sciences (project No. NPHE-2017/10372)

2017/09/01 – 2018/09/30 

Sustainable Development In an Inclusive Society (project No. NPHE-2017/10129)

2017/09/01 – 2018/09/30 

Nordejordemodern 2017 (project No. NPHE-2017/10215)

2017/06 /15 – 2018/10/01

EkotekNord (project No. ID NPHE-2017/10129) 

2017/06/15 –  2018/09/30

NOBANET: E-business models for international SMEs /2017 (project No. ID:NPHE-2017/10159)

2017/06/01- 2018/09/30

Sustainable Living In anInclusive Society (project No. NPHE-2016/10072)

2016/09/01 – 2017/09/30

NOBANET: E- business models for international SMEs/2016 (project No. ID NPHE-2016/10275)

2016/09/01 – 2017/08/31

Ekoteknord IP „Lean Canvas“ (project No. ID NPHE-2016/10183)

2016/06/15 – 2017/09/30

EDDA Norden (project No.  NPHE-2016/10314)

2016/06/15 – 2017/10/01

NOBANET: Nordic-Baltic Network for Internationalisation of SMEs/2014 (project No. ID NPHE-2015/10239)

2015/06/15 – 2016/09/30

Ekoteknord IP  „Lean Canvas“ (project No. ID HE-2015/10129)

2015/06/15 – 2016/09/30

Project coordinator: Kauno kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences. Nordplus HE projects:

Healing Greenery (project No. NPHE-2019/10275)

2019/05/15 – 2020/10/01

Empowering Puppetry (project No. NPHE-2019/10244)

2019/05/15 – 2020/10/01

Multilingualism as a Key to Enchance Students‘ Employability (project No. NPLA-2019/10035)

2019/05/15 – 2020/10/01

Sustainable Development in an Inclusive Society (project No. NPHE-2019/10135)

2019/05/15 – 2020/10/01

Network Welltour/ 2019 (projekto Nr. NPHE-2019/10152)

2019/05/15 – 2020/10/01

Sustainable Development In an Inclusive Society (project No. NPHE-2018/10245)

2018/06/15 – 2019/10/01

Welltour/2018 (project No. NPHE-2018/10230)

2018/06/15 – 2019/10/01

Healing Greenery/2018 (project No. NPHE-2018/10257)

2018/06/15 – 2019/10/01

NEWELRA 2018 (project No. NPHE-2018/10022) 

2018/06/01 – 2019/09/30

NEWELRA – Baltic-Nordic Network for Creating New Earning Logics in Rural Areas (project No. ID NPHE-2017/10246) 

2017/06/15 – 2018/10/01 

Welltour 2017 (project No. NPHE- 2017/10264)

2017/06 /15 – 2018/10/01

Healing Greenery (project No. NPHE-2017/10330)

2017/06/15 – 2018/10/01

NEWELRA – Baltic-Nordic Network for Creating New Earning Logics in Rural Areas (project No. ID NPHE-2017/10246) 

2017/06/15 – 2018/09/30

NEWELRA – Baltic-Nordic Network for Creating New Earning Logics in Rural Areas (project No. ID NPHE-2016/10061)

2016/06/15 – 2017/10/01

Welltour 2016 (project No. NPHE-2016/10402)

2016/06/15 – 2017/10/01

Nordejordemodern 2015 (project No. NPHE-2015/10159) 

2015/06/15 – 2016/09/30

Development of clinical dental technicians training concept (project No. NPHE-2015/10295)

2015/06/15 – 2016/09/30

Network Welltour/2015 (project No. NPHE-2015/10160)

2015/06/15 – 2016/09/30