In spring semestre KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences (KK) together with Latvia University of Agriculture organizes the 2nd International Contest “AgroTechnologist 2018”. Lithuanian and foreign students majoring in agricultural technology, agribusiness and other technologies related to farming are invited to participate.

The contest will include two stages. In the first one, on  March 20th the participants will take test in a remote way. The tasks of the test will relate to the issues of soil ecosystems, agricultural machinery, plant and environmental protection.

Teams who received the best results, will be invited to participate in the second stage, i. e.  on May 25th in Kaunas. The participants of the contest will have to accomplish practical tasks in the laboratories of agricultural product quality detection and real biodynamic farm.

Registration is open until  March 13th, 2018 Registration is available for the team of students which consists of 4 individuals.

For more information, please,  call +370 (37) 561279 or write

International Contest „AgroTechnologist 2018“ rules