Specialieji klavišai

Learning outcomes. Graduates will:

  • Being able to apply general laws as well as the laws and regularities of natural and engineering sciences and mathematics, which are necessary for mastering the fundamental foundations of the field of manufacturing engineering.
  • Being able to accumulate and apply the basic knowledge of engineering, material sciences, manufacturing engineering as well as social, economic and management sciences that are relevant to practical work in manufacturing.
  • Acquisition of the basic knowledge of philosophy, communication, digital technology, product design, engineering graphics, materials science, engineering mechanics, entrepreneurship and personality development, and cognition of the socio-economic environment.
  • Ability to conduct the experiments necessary to perform engineering tasks using typical laboratory equipment, process the data obtained and draw conclusions.
  • Being able to link personal knowledge and understanding while analysing engineering tasks, and select appropriate methods, experimental as well as manufacturing equipment to perform them.
  • Being able to determine the main means/methods of project management and implementation in the field of professional manufacturing engineering while designing, manufacturing and marketing products.
  • Ability to organize the work of a division following the principles of engineering performance, taking into account the basic requirements of work and fire safety.
  • Being able to perform engineering tasks independently and in a team, in collaboration with industrial organizations and society.
  • Ability to evaluate the impact of specific manufacturing engineering solutions on the society and the environment; follow the norms of professional ethics and engineering activities, and comprehend the responsibility for the results of personal activities.
  • Being able to independently plan the personal professional development in the context of lifelong learning.


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