On Friday, 25 November 2022, the Business Centre of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business, will be organizing the business and science forum “Development of the Circular Economy in Lithuania and the EU”. Purpose of the event – educate and develop academia and the business sector by reviewing research results in the context of circular economy mobilization and business impact.

With the aim of promoting science in an attractive format for the general public, the Forum, organized for the third consecutive year, develops a dialogue between science and business, discussing the perspectives of how the knowledge generated by science can be applied in business practice in order to bring about a transformation in the sustainability of people and the planet. This year the Forum will be organized in a hybrid way: it will take place on the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences academy campus and will also be broadcast to the public remotely.

The subject matter will be broad enough to cover all the topics in this forum: legislation, financing for development, raising environmental awareness, sorting and other relevant issues. A discussion on these topics is foreseen after the presentations to highlight the current circular economy situation in Lithuania and the EU and reveal the necessary actions to improve the situation.

Active involvement of higher education institutions and business organizations is expected.

The event program and more information are coming soon.