Course title ECTS Credits Semester Teacher Annotation
Compulsory courses


3 Spring Rūta Beitnaraitė The aim of the study subject – to introduce students with professional health‘s and ergonomic‘s concepts, main terms and  adaptation possibilities. At the end of the subject students will get knowledge and be able to evaluate body poses in work place, working environment and tools influence for human. Will be able to create prevention programs and will advise on the installation of safe workplace.

English Language

3 Spring Violeta Kamantauskienė While studying the course, students learn to use professional terms in the foreign language and use the information sources necessary for the specialty, i.e. dictionaries, reference books, encyclopaedias, Internet websites, databases. They also develop professional language reading, listening, writing, speaking and translation skills.
Stress and coping strategies 3 Spring Dainė Krasuckienė During the course, students will get acquainted with the concept of stress and stress response mechanism, will analyze the impact of stressors on well-being and health, as well as opportunities to reduce stress through various stress prevention and coping strategies. Will develop stress coping and self regulation skills.
Courses of specialisation
Body massages and cosmetic body care 4 Spring       Kristina Bružė .During the course, students will become acquainted with the anatomical, physiotic features of massage, classical massage system, its main and auxiliary methods, performance technique, massage directions, rules, indications and contraindications. Will be able to perform and apply massage to various parts of the body.

Will get acquainted with the skin of the body, its functions and care. Students will be able to perform diagnostics using interrogation, examination and palpation methods, body peeling procedure, adapt and perform a complex body procedure using presotherapy.

Manicure and pedicure 6 Spring       Sandra Solo The aim of the course is to find out the types of manicure and pedicure procedures, the technique of performance, the conditions that ensure the safety and quality of services. Students will study texture and structure peculiarity of nail, will analyze congenital, acquired causes of hand and foot nail changes, will characterize the symptoms and pathways of nail diseases. Will be able to combine hand, foot skin and nail care, use and application of cosmetic products, taking into account the client‘s skin features, aesthetic needs. To ensure proper communication with clients, students will be able to provide information on the choice of cosmetic products, as well as their rational and safe use. While studying the subject of manicure and pedicure, students will participate in theoretical and practical lectures
Methodology of performing cosmetic procedures 4 Spring Vaiva Vaikšnorienė Students will be aware of the effect of cosmetic means and procedures on the skin, possibilities of their usage in solving aesthetic problems of the skin, will be able to choose the cosmetic means, methodologies, and to design a cosmetic procedures plan. After achieving study programme learning outcomes, students will be able to professionally and safely perform corrective procedures for skin problems, to choose appropriate materials and methodology. Students will analyze the treatment effect on skin condition and will predict the results, will be able to provide a reasoned encouragement to the customers to use cosmetic services. Will know active ingredients of cosmetic products for different skin types and different conditions, their effect on the skin and will apply them in adjustment skin problems. Will find out types of cosmetic procedures, their performance techniques, indications and contraindications and will determine the need for treatment.
 Cosmetic Services for Customers I


6 Spring Vaiva Vaikšnorienė During the internship, students will work individually with the customers, will consolidate practical skills identifying skin problems and creating an individual cosmetic care plan, will choose cosmetic materials, products for cosmetic facial treatments, and they will professionally perform them. Will assess functional changes in the skin according to the physiological, aesthetic, age criteria, will identify the aesthetic needs of a person. Will choose the cosmetics and cosmetic treatment methods for the solution of aesthetic facial skin problems. Subject study plan: Analysis of cosmetic composition.Filling of cosmetology documentation. Selection of skin care cosmetic products and to develop a plan of cosmetic procedures. Performance of facial skin condition corrective cosmetic procedures. Performance of hardware facial procedures in accordance with the safety requirements.Performance of facial massages. Assessment of the efficiency of procedures.Cooperation with the health and wellness specialists in solving customer’s problems of the skin.Customer‘s consultation about skin care in a beauty parlor and at home. Communication with the customers and staff members in accordance with the rules of professional ethics.Individual professional development.
 Final internship 9 Spring       Vaiva Vaikšnorienė During the final internship, students will assess the aesthetic needs of the customers, will choose and professionally perform a manual, hardware facial and body cosmetic procedures, decorative cosmetic procedures, assess the quality of the procedures, consult the customers and develop beauty parlor organizational skills, will collect and analyze information about innovations in cosmetology, convey knowledge to professionals and non-professionals, will motivate the customers to use cosmetic services and work as a team with other professionals. Subject study plan: skin diagnostics, assessment of aesthetic customer‘s needs; determine the client‘s morphological facial structure, shape and color type; preparation and supervision of a workplace and tools, in accordance with the requirements of antiseptics and aseptic; cosmetology documentation filling; analysis of cosmetics composition; selection of cosmetic skin care products and preparation of a cosmetic treatment plan; performance of cosmetic procedures that correct facial and body skin condition;  chemical face peeling performance; performance of hardware facial and body procedures in accordance with safety requirements; performance of facial and body massages; performance of aromatherapy facial and body treatments; performance of SPA procedures; performance of manicure and pedicure; day and evening makeup application; assessment of the effectiveness of procedures.Cooperation with the health and wellness specialists in solving customers’ skin problems. Customer’s consultations about skin care in beauty parlors and at home. Communication with clients and staff members in accordance with the rules of professional ethics.Individual development of qualification.