Between or after classes, when they have free time, KK students have lots of opportunities to participate in creative, technical and other types of activities, and organise various events.

Those who love singing are invited to the Joint KK and Kaunas J. Gruodis Conservatory Choir, directed by the choirmaster and conductor Raimonda Navickienė. Theatre lovers can test themselves on the stage. The KK traditions initiated by the actress Olita Veronika Dautartaitė are continued by Gildas Aleksa, who leads the Drama Studio. Dance lovers have an opportunity to join the KK Folk Dance Group headed by Kęstutis Pušinaitis. Besides, there is a Modern Dance Group initiated by students and led by the dance artist Edvardas Ščeniovas. Those who like technology can join RoboClub led by the lecturer Igor Šajev.

The life of KK students is rich in dozens of traditional events organised for the community of the institution and the public every year. They include students’ Leaders’ Awards, Art Days, the popular fashion show “Gossip”, computer game tournaments and the demonstration of robot fights, R & E Days,  the contest of beauticians’ professional mastery “Beauty Metamorphosis”, Massage Championships, the World Tourism Week, the international day of Francophonie, Kauko DIZO events during the Design Week, Charity and Support Campaigns, summer camps for children, a variety of events held together with the Erasmus students, etc.


KK and Juozas Gruodis Conservatory Choir

In 2009, the joint KK and Gruodis Conservatory Choir started its activities under the direction of Raimonda Navickienė, who studied at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and has accumulated valuable musical knowledge and invaluable experience. In 1981, the acknowledged choir leader, who usually works with tenor groups, became the choirmaster of the Kaunas State Choir.

The joint choir stands out for its strong vocal performance demonstrated by a wide range of works performed. The choir performs modern music of gospel, jazz and other styles as well as classical and Lithuanian folk songs. R. Navickienė has educated a lot of young talents who reveal their talent in various musical events held in Lithuania and abroad. The choir has participated in the selection for Eurovision, the project “Choir Wars”, the festival “Young Jazz Wave”. R. Navickienė’s students were successful in the TV project “X-factor”.

Drama Studio

During the training sessions of the Studio, the participants learn to perceive themselves; develop their imagination and mime. They are taught to express mood by voice and get acquainted with the basics of stage art. The actors of the KK Drama Studio are students of various study programmes ranging from the fields of arts, medicine, technologies to social sciences, and all of them find a common language on the stage.

The Drama Studio has presented several prominent performances during its lifetime. Students played “Twelve chairs” by Ilya Ilfo and Yevgeny Petrov; introduced an interpretation of Justinas Marcinkevičius historical drama “Mindaugas”,  and staged a fairytale “Blue Bird” based on Morris Meterlink’s work. These performances were directed by the famous actress and director Olita Dautartaitė. The director of the younger generation, Gildas Aleksa helped to stage two public performances. In 2015, in the performance “Wise Men: Far From Home”, young actors in a modern way conveyed emigration problems. The scenario of the performance was created by a student of KK. In 2016, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the play “(Fe) Myths “, which dealt with the issues of women’s discrimination.


Students’ health is upheld by sports. Students can be active participants of various sports teams of KAUNO  KOLEGIJA, attend  different training activities, use the modern facilities for sports. In The Centre for Cultural Activities and Sports has been opened in 2016.

Dr. Andrius Brusokas, Head of the Centre for Cultural Activities and Sports
Pramonės pr. 22,  room 110, e-mail:


Modern Dance Group “KauKo”

The KK students who are not indifferent to the dynamics of the contemporary dance and rhythm are invited to the Modern Dance Group by Edvardas Ščeniovas, the famous young dancer, the coach of the Dance Studio “Me Gusta”, who, by the way, is a student of KK.

Always smiling and good natured Edvardas spent his childhood summers in dance camps, where he understood that dancing is not just a hobby for him, but a passion for life. He embellished his dancing skills, and in 2007 became a professional choreographer. Being one of the first teachers of Electro Dance (Tectonic) style in Lithuania, he did not abandon Hip-Hop, Street Dance, Popping, Locking, Krump, House, Wacking, and Vogue styles as well.

Edvardas demonstrates his unique abilities not only on the dance floor or while training his groups but also during various TV shows such as “You Can Dance”, “Dance and Get Slim”, etc. “I am motivating and authoritative, and my aim is continuous improvement and leadership,” says the coach.

Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 19:30 throughout the academic year (Multipurpose Hall, Pramones Av. 22, Kaunas).

KK Folk Dance Group “KauKas”

The KK Folk Dance Group was formed in November of 2012. Its initiators were students Dominykas Anužis, Linas Masaitis and Vaidas Levanas, who had an idea to bring together a cool dance team that continues its interesting and purposeful activities to this day.

The first year was particularly successful. The young dancers had an opportunity to participate in various concerts and dance competitions. The greatest achievement of the group was its excellent performance at the National Dance Competition “Pair by Pair 2013″, where they won the second place.

Dancers have fun and a good time together not only during rehearsals. They also organise various gatherings.

By 2017, 70 concerts were held. The group participated in the Baltic Student Song Festival “Gaudeamus” in Daugavpils (Latvia), performed in Italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia, etc.

“We invite dancers to join a new circle of friends! We will dance and spend time together. Bring a strong desire, and we will get you to love dancing and smile. KK freshmen are especially welcome”, – promises Kęstutis Pušinaitis, the Head of the Folk Dance Group.

Rehearsals take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:00 to 21:00 throughout the academic year (Multipurpose Hall, Pramones Av. 22, Kaunas).

Kęstutis Pušinaitis is the artistic director, Aurimas Tiškevičius is the ballet master, and Irina Judickienė is the concertmaster.


Automation enthusiasts of the Faculty of Technologies established a “RoboClub”, which combines technologies, programming and creation.

The members of the Club construct various types of small robots. The students’ team is led by Igor Šajev, the Head of the Process Control Laboratory of the Faculty of Technologies, who acquaints with the electronic processes, and the novice constructors, using ambient detection sensors, diodes, phototransistors, batteries, etc., make various roboforms and become familiar with the programming principles. Students devote their spare time for this activity even in summer. They are happy to practice and get ready for robot competitions, which are organised every autumn. Young technologists take the products they develop to national robot competitions as well.

Robot enthusiasts are invited to visit the Process Control Laboratory (Pramonės Av. 20, Room 317) on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and join the “RoboClub” activities.

Fashion Show „Apkalbos“ (“Gossip”)

The International Fashion Show “Gossip” is a great fashion event for the residents and visitors of the Kaunas City. It promotes the culture of fashion as a form of art and introduces young artists. The organisers of “Gossip” aim to discover new talents in the field of fashion, encourage them to undertake wider activities, promote the fashion of original works in Lithuania, and educate a stylish society.

The extraordinary fashion show “Gossip” aims to promote the culture of fashion, change the established public attitude towards fashion as a mass phenomenon and present it as a form of art, encourage young talented designers to create, unfold their abilities, help them find a niche for further activities, and present Kaunas, which is not pampered with fashion events,  an extraordinary evening flavoured with the latest fashion ideas. A very important mission is to refute the still existing myth that Kaunas does not know what the style is.