The closest way to get to Kaunas is flying to Kaunas airport. Also, you can fly to Vilnius airport.

From Kaunas airport

By city bus No. 29 which connects Kaunas Airport and Kaunas city. City bus line route going to

City Center: Kaunas Airport – Savanorių pr. – E. Ožeškienės g. – K. Donelaičio g. – Vytauto pr.

(Kaunas Bus Station) – M. K. Čiurlionio str. (Kaunas Train Station). If you arrive at Kaunas on a

late night flight, City bus No. 29E is for your convenience. Every day the bus leaves the Airport for

the city center only after the last flight has arrived.


Passengers may pay for the tickets on the buses No. 29, the route of which connects Kaunas

Airport with Kaunas city in euros. The price of a single – use ticket is 1 EUR., for a student –

0.50 EUR.


From Kaunas Bus/Train station to students‘ dormitory you should take a taxi (≈ 6 €) or cross the

street and at the Bus Stop (opposite the bus station) please take a trolleybus No. 16 and go until

the stop “Kauno kolegija“.

Also you can go by minibus No. 57 If You want to reach dormitory from the Train station you

should take trolleybus/minibus from the Bus stop which is on the side of the Train station.

The price for a single use ticket is 1.30 Eur.
All routes and exact timetables can be found at:


Payments in Kaunas City public transport are based on an electronic contactless card (CARD)

ticketing system. CARD may be loaded with a specified amount of money in the wallet or/ and a

certain type of periodic (3, 7, 30, and 92 days) e-tickets. You can use CARD in buses marked by

the KVT sign. You need to validate your CARD when boarding the vehicle.


E-ticket types:

  • Single-trip.
  • Periodic (3, 7, 30, or 92 days).

Where to buy tickets

TIP! At the Airport bus e-tickets can be purchased at the convenience kiosks located in

the Arrivals of the passenger terminal. Please inform the seller which type of e -ticket you would

like to load on your CARD. If you decided to use single e-tickets, then inform the seller which

amount of money you would like to load in the CARD.

Then take the trolleybus 16 and get off at “Kauno kolegija” bus stop in Pramonės pr.

More information

The most necessary information about Kaunas City public transport is available at

Kaunas public transport website

Routes and timetables can be found at

More info about the airport:

From Vilnius airport

There are few ways to get to Kaunas from Vilnius airport. You can take a bus, minibus, a train,

rent a car or take a taxi.

By bus:

Direct buses run from Vilnius airport to Vilnius city, timetable –
The ticket can be bought at the bus it costs 1 EUR.
Then you take a bus to Kaunas, here you can check the time and costs:

By minibus:

Minibus route: from the airport to the bus station, every 40 min, depends on the flight schedule

(from 7:40 to 22:40). Ticket can be bought on the minibus.

By train:

Distance from the airport to Vilnius Railway station is about 5 km, the journey takes up to 8

minutes. Trains run approximately every 40 minutes. The schedule can be found at

Tickets can be purchased on the train.

By taxi:

Next to the airport there is a taxi rank. There are always plenty of taxis there. You can also call

a taxi by phone or to book a taxi at Vilnius Tourist Information Centre (Airport Arrival Hall).
Taxi booking and information:

More info about the airport:

By car:

If you want to come to Lithuania by car, you must have the necessary documents and you should

know some regulations.

Driving is on the right side, giving the way to traffic coming from your right.

Main regulations while driving:

maximum speed limits for cars:

motorways – 110 km/h;

other roads – 90km/h.

no mobile phones while driving;

no alcohol while driving;

lights during the daytime from the 1st of September till the 1st of April required;

putting on seat-belts is compulsory in both, the front and the back seats of the car.

More information you can find in