Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution (KK HEI) wants to invite international students to participate in Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) and Hackathon on autumn of 2023.

The Blendend Intensive Programme is a short-term and intensive Erasmus+ academic exchange program implemented by at least three foreign higher education institutions located in at least three Erasmus+ program countries. The goals of such programmes are:

  • to bring together students who have chosen different fields of study;
  • to use innovative teaching methods;
  • to initiate the development of international and interdisciplinary training programs, etc.


BIP “Creating and Developing Cyber Security Educational Content on Social Networks” (5 ECTS)

Programme online training will be on 9–20th of October, live training (in KK HEI) – on 23rd–27th of October. The BIP is targeted for students studying Multimedia Technology, Advertising Technology, Communication and Marketing. The aim of the Intensive Blended Programme is to develop educational and preventive content on cyber security, tailored for development in social networks. More about BIP (objectives, learning outcomes and competences, programme and etc.) read here.

Register here. Registration is available until 31st of May.


BIP “Advanced Monitoring and Control of Technological Processes” (3 ECTS)

Virtual part of programme will be on 9–13th of October, physical part (in KK HEI) – on 6–9th of November. BIP’s target group are students of the Electric engineering study field (ISCED No. 0714) and minor studies field (No. 071) Engineering and engineering trades. The main objective is to develop a compressive system for control, monitoring and diagnostics of a virtual technological process or technical system created with PLC-Lab software.

Register here*. Registration closes on 15th of June.

*If you would like to participate in the International Hackathon “HACK4ADVANCED-TECH”, indicate this in the registration form and the organizers of the event will contact you. You don’t need to fill out any other registration form to participate in the Hackathon.


International Hackathon “HACK4ADVANCED-TECH”

On 7–8th of November Hackathon will be held in Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution. The teams will have to create a digital solution to help people work more efficiently through IoT, Cloud, IoT technologies, Automation in the context of the advanced industry.

Here is registration*. It closes on 15th of June.

*If you are a participant of BIP “Advanced Montoring and Control of Technological Processes” and want to participate in the Hackathon, you don’t need to register additionally.


For more information contact Viktorija Gudauskaite, International coordinator at Faculty of Technologies, +370 64 508 268, viktorija.gudauskaite@go.kauko.lt.